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If you’re interested in adding some mountain charm to your wood deck design, these Rustic Wood Handrails are the perfect choice. They are built in the Smoky Mountains of Western North Carolina by master craftsmen. Each section is a custom design and no two sections are the same.

The material for the branches that create the pattern is mountain laurel or rhododendron. Both of these are a shrubby tree that is generally burned as waste after a lot is cleared for development. As part of Winter Sun Construction’s green focus, this material is salvaged and repurposed as porch railing. These branches are assembled along with cedar 2x4s to fashion preassembled hand railings. These railings can be shipped nationwide via residential delivery. They will arrive at the front door of your project along with a forklift for easy unloading. The sections will already have been painted or stained and are ready to be installed by local carpenters. They are simply cut to fit precisely and screwed into place. Once the handrails are in place, the rest of the railing pieces can be installed on site.

wood railing on log bridge

There are many different areas in which Wood Railing can be used. They are great as porch railings as they blur the boundary between outside and inside. Once installed, these handrails appear as if they have grown in place. Stair handrails can look like a laurel thicket, impassable at times on mountain trails. Rustic handrail can be used inside as a focal point of a balcony or grand stair case. This is a great way to accent a lodge or mountain style home. Larger diameter branches can be used in specialized guard rails like those for a bridge. On a log frame like that pictured here, handrails can be custom fit so the pieces appear to be solid with no obvious joints or connections. Larger branches can also be used for pergolas, pagodas or other outdoor structures. Whole outdoor living spaces can be crafted from this versatile lumber.


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Updated on February 6, 2015 by jimmypader

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6 Responses to Buy Wood Railings Online

  1. Jeannine Calderon says:

    I am looking for a unique hand rail for my stairs leading to a terrace in my back yard. The stats are 3 1/2 feet tall and 14 feet long. There would be 3 pole supports. I love the look of your work. Can you just give me an est of cost. I would have to be shipped I live in Indiana. Again just would like a est for my budget this summer.

  2. Asheville Artisan's says:

    When can you forward pricing on exterior wood railing? Thank you

  3. Good morning, checked Chieftalk this morning and found your blog. Several things: I like your colors, background, arrangement. I am also trying the blog idea. My template for wordpress is Socrates. This template makes many things easy but limits many other things. Good luck with your project.

  4. Thats the coolest wood railing I have ever seen.

  5. BobN says:

    Great read! Made me wish I had a house that I could use these on.

  6. bmx pictures says:

    Really love all the posts you offer! I am so looking forward to seeing more like them..