Now you can enjoy nature’s raw beauty while relaxing on your porch as…

Uniquely Crafted Wood Railings Transform Your Deck into a Stunning Work of Art.

Get ready to bask in compliments from your neighbors when you beautify your home with Mountain Laurel Handrails.

Rustic Railing

Hi, I’m Jimmy Pader. I’m a master woodworker crafting unique works of art in the form of mountain laurel handrail.

When I first started building them six years ago, I was immediately attracted to the artistic possibilities hidden in each twisted branch. These could be molded into an infinite number of designs making each railing completely unique.

I had discovered a lost art.

Mountain Laurel Handrails company owner

Company Owner James Pader with Mountain Laurel Handrails

While working, I thought about ways to make the process more efficient. In a flash, I understood the complex spatial relationships between branches and I soon developed special assembly techniques.

The shape of each handrail forms itself during assembly because individual branches bring their own character. Despite this, railings still have to comply with building code spacing requirements for safety.

Today, rustic railing is a featured upgrade on my new home and remodeling projects.

After I put pictures of a railing on my construction company’s website, I received a new inquiry. But this client lived 2600 miles away and wanted her railings delivered!

The special techniques I had developed for preassembling railings meant I could easily package and ship handrails.

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“The handrails are beautiful!!! We get so many compliments on them.”

That’s what Erika from Washington State, that first national client from 2600 miles away, had to say.

Hi James,

We are doing well! We moved a few months ago into the house and are slowly getting settled and working on the never-ending punch list.

The handrails are beautiful!!! We get so many compliments on them.

Today was a sunny day (we haven’t had many lately) so I ran out and snapped a few pictures.

Thank you again! You were great to work with and created a work of art for our home.

Take care,

I’m so sure that, like Erika, you will love the distinctive beauty of your new railings. It’s because I know that…

You have found the best way to dramatically improve the appearance of your home.


stairs railing

These rustic handrails completely transform your deck into stunning art that draws compliments from all who see them.

You see, I’ve trained a select few carpenters in my secret assembly method.

Right now, these master craftsmen are shaping branches and twigs into the intricate patterns of rustic wood railing. These expert woodworkers create art from the twisted and gnarly branches of mountain laurel trees. Each piece features unique designs and precise carpentry, adding rustic character to your home.

Unfortunately, these railings can NOT be made by just anyone.

Each one-of-a-kind piece is made by skilled master craftsmen who I have trained in my special method.

That’s right, there are only a few skilled woodworkers available with the necessary level of accomplishment.


Because training new workers is slowed by the prerequisite carpentry experience, an innate artistic ability, and because, honestly, I’ll only share these secrets with people that I trust.

This means, right now, there are only a limited number of openings available on the production calendar.

You too can beautify your home with these distinctive handrails: they are singular works of art!

But you’ll have to act quickly to avoid losing your place on our busy schedule!

When your order is complete, your handrails are carefully prepared and packaged for delivery to your front door, anywhere in the United States.

“Everyone who has seen them has been really impressed!

That’s what Jeri from Missouri said.

I was just so excited today after Kenny got most of the rails up and wanted to share a few pictures with you.

Our house is in the thick of our remodeling project.

Thank you again for beautifying our deck. Everyone who sees it, loves it!

Jeri S.

Preassembled railing sections reduce the hassle of construction and remodeling delays.

Even though mountain laurel handrails are completely custom built, and each section is unlike any other, they arrive ready-to-install to give your deck an entirely new railing in a fraction of the time as site-built handrails.

Mountain laurel handrails can be crafted for your exterior deck or an interior balcony. They can be precisely built for your specific stairs railing. Sections can even be curved to follow a circular deck!


stairs railing

And, I know how important the right color is.

Getting there requires close collaboration with your paint professional. Just tell me exactly how your paint or stain should be applied, I’ll do this for you at no extra charge!

Now, you too can add these unique works of art to your deck and enjoy their rustic beauty!

Remember, demand for rustic wood railings is growing rapidly and the production schedule fills up fast!

Don’t miss this opportunity to be the first in your neighborhood to display these fine works of art!

Click here to start today

Talk to you soon,
Jimmy Pader

These rustic wood railings are totally unique works of art for your deck or stairs. Don’t miss out on being the first in your neighborhood by reserving your spot right now on our tight production schedule!

Reserve your spot now!


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