Deck Railing Section Drawing

Laurel Handrail Architectural Section

Laurel Handrail Architectural Section

Laurel Handrail Architectural Section

Drawing showing a typical mountain laurel handrail installation.

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Updated on December 23, 2014 by jimmypader

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2 Responses to Laurel Handrail Architectural Section

  1. I need to have you quote on the above sketch but with the 1×4’s installed and 2×4 end caps on the to ends. I need two sections 68″ x 30″, two sections 80″ x 30″, four sections 71″ x 30″, two sections 85″ x 30″, and two sections 55″ x 30″. By making them with 2×4’s end caps and 1×4’s they look like the individual ones on the lake club photographs. Just email me back with price and estimated date I can pick them up