Interior Railing

interior railing

Interior Railing on a Balcony

These beautiful interior railing kits are the focal point of this home. Many homes feature a great room with a stair case and these stair railings and balcony handrails are often the dominant architectural element in the interior. Many places will feature the regular, run of the mill style with evenly spaced vertical placed pieces of wood making up the guard rail. But there are so many other choices that one of the best places to start is by looking at interior railing pictures.

Interior Stair Handrail

Interior Stair Handrail

From a quick internet search, you’d think that all interior railings are made of wrought iron, but there’s so many more options. Metal is a good choice as it is durable and long lasting. But in many regards it’s also very limited. How many different colors does a wrought iron handrail come in? Not very many, as you’re pretty much limited to whatever color the metal is and wrought iron is generally black. So the first limitation is color. Another limitation is that this kind of handrail can be extremely expensive for a custom design. It’s due to the nature of metal being difficult to work, requiring extreme heat, special tools and protective equipment. Metal is also an expensive raw material though many times it is recycled, which is a green plus.


Interior Stair Railing

An interior stair railing made of glass is another option. Glass is a great material to combine with other materials. Due to its transparent nature, it can be used to highlight and accentuate other features that might ordinarily be overlooked. Glass works well with steel framing and with wood railing and is a good choice for a material palette.

Interior wood railing does not have to be limited to the same, boring, repetitive pattern. Even with fancy turned balusters, many wood stairs railing still fall into the same design trap of the vertical repeat. Mountain Laurel Handrail is a gorgeous choice for your interior handrail. This creative style is made from branches woven together to create intricate shapes, of which no two are ever exactly alike. Since each tree grows into a unique form, the repetition between handrail sections is eliminated and what emerges is a resplendent beauty.

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9 Responses to Interior Railing

  1. Olga Pader says:

    Your mountain laurel railings are definitely not run of the mill.

  2. George Bianchi says:

    Railing looks great. Has any one ever used it for a head board for bed. Would it be safe?

  3. William Passmore says:

    Very nice appearance.

  4. Traci says:

    Wondering how much indoor banisters would be 95″ and 139″?

  5. Mike Johnson says:


    We are building a small cabin and are interested in learning more about your inerior railings of woven sticks. We will have railing sections of approximately 9.5, 11.5 and 3 foot sections.

    Would you be able to tell more about the process and cost for us to purchase your railings?



  6. Frank Damato says:

    I am looking to purchase about 30 ft of stair rail. How do i go about placing a order?