Wood Railing CAD Drawings

The best way to get started on a new construction or remodeling project is with a professionally prepared set of plans, drawings and specifications. Architects and designers use CAD programs like AutoCAD, ChiefArchitect or 20/20 to prepare the plans. These computer aided drafting programs can also show photo-realistic renderings of the designs and what the finished home construction project will look like.

Architects and designers can use these drawings to easily incorporate Mountain Laurel Handrail into the wood deck plans. Rendering Mountain Laurel Handrails in 3D modeling software can be difficult due to the complexity of the shapes in these rustic branch and twig railings. The picture below can be used in 2D elevations and sections of the architectural drawings to help get a feel for how the handrails will look.

Wood Railing CAD Drawing

Wood Railing CAD Drawing

Luckily, the user “poelcat” over at the ChiefTalk Chief Architect forums has come up with some nifty CAD designs that incorporate Mountain Laurel Handrails into CAD blocks that can be used as a template for any home or design. These files¬†(Instant Download – 4.6 MB) are in the .3ds format which is used commonly by different programs. They are fully stretchable and modifiable 3D symbols for use in most architecture and design software currently available

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Updated on February 6, 2015 by jimmypader

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2 Responses to Wood Railing CAD Drawings

  1. Diane Koneffko says:

    I love you twig railings and would like to see how I can incorporate these into my home. Do you have an email I can send you the house plan layout where I would like to incorporate these? It would be for inside use.
    Let me know how we proceed?