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Mountain Laurel Handrails are unique railings made from the branches of the mountain laurel tree. They provide endless opportunity for adding a one of a kind style to your home. There is no other handrail that compares.

timber frame wood handrail
Wood handrail installed on a timber frame porch

Take a look around and see how many different ways you can add rustic beauty to your home!

These different types of handrails are useful for different types of installations. Deck Railing choice is important because the deck makes such a big impact on visitors to the home. The deck is the place where much congregating and hanging out happens. This is where the grill gets fired up and drinks get poured so it’s important to make a strong statement with your deck handrail.

An interior balcony railing is a highly visible element of the home decor. Choosing the right handrail for your interior stairs and balcony will add to the style of your home. For homes finished on the interior with wood like paneling or tongue ion groove boards, the best handrail choice is Mountain Laurel Handrails with its natural beauty and rustic charm.

For outdoor railing projects, the organic look of these handrails help to blur the line between where the natural and built environments meet. The sticks in these sections join the natural elements present around a home to make an interesting visual palette of shapes and forms.

Stairs railings are often the most impactful element of an interior architectural design. A grand staircase with a beautiful handrail can make a positive impression on a visitor while a boring handrail with the same pattern of up and down sticks is sure to bore guests with its repetition.

Choose the most attractive wood handrail available for your upcoming deck, balcony or stairs remodeling or new construction project.

Mountain Laurel Handrails are available nationwide.

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