Tall Railing on Balcony

tall railing

Tall Railing

These two wood railing sections are extra tall at five feet just for the railing. That puts the top of the railing at almost six feet. Just another demonstration of how versatile and inventive Mountain Laurel Handrail can be. The design of any project is crucial and, on this project, Wood Railing, the contractor and the homeowner worked closely together to ensure the best possible finished product. And as you can see, it turned out wonderfully!

tall railing screen

Tall Handrail

Like all Mountain Laurel Handrails, this was custom made to the owner’s specifications. The homeowner was looking for a special design element to add to her New Hampshire ski home and this was just the ticket! These tall sections are five feet tall and will be installed inside on a loft balcony. For extra added safety, the homeowner will install a piece of plexiglass on the face of the railings. Normally, laurel branches stick out from either side of the handrail but in this case, the branches were left flush or set in from the front of the railing so that the polycarbonate plexiglass can be installed easily.
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Updated on October 6, 2018 by jimmypader

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3 Responses to Tall Railing on Balcony

  1. Thomas J Berry says:

    James, great job. I like the open rustic look.Tom

  2. Olga Pader says:

    A design like this is ideal for a home with small children. I like the intricate designs of this one, particularly the one on the right-hand side that resembles a delicate spider web.

  3. Lisa kline says:

    Your railings are awesome! I’m not in the market for them & wish to be removed from your email list. Thanks!