Interior Balcony and Stair Railing

The Wood Railing crew took a drive recently to install an interior railing on a balcony and stairs. Located near Mocksville, NC, this log home was in desperate need of a handrail for safety and ease of access to the second-floor loft.

balcony railing with antler chandelier

Antler Chandelier with Laurel Railing

All of the extended family, from paternal grandfather and maternal grandmother to the kindergarten-age granddaughter were thrilled with the new look of the stairs. The best compliment came from the lady of the house who said, “It looks even better than I imagined… And I have a pretty good imagination!”

laurel stair railing

Mountain Laurel Stair Railing

With the vaulted ceiling and tongue and groove wood paneling, big timber rafters and antler chandelier hanging from the collar tie, this home is juuust right for this decorative handrail. Since there are already plenty of strong straight lines, the sinuous shpaes of woven branches tie all the different wood elements together.

Working with a material palette that is mostly wood, it is a challenge to pick suitable colors and lumber. Since there’s so much wood already, it’s sometimes better to contrast slightly, as opposed to trying to find an exact color match. This is what was done here, using a lighter color stain on the same pine lumber lightens up the room a bit while the reddish mountain laurel branches work their magic!

stair handrail and antler chandelier

Stair Handrail & Antler Chandelier

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Updated on October 9, 2018 by jimmypader

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3 Responses to Interior Balcony and Stair Railing

  1. Sarah says:

    Would like to know if I could get a quote on a piece of rustic, treated wood measuring 7’1/4″ wide and 9’8″ long for the top of an inside banister.

  2. Jeanette Chambers says:

    I would like to get in touch with you. I am in Asheville and can come to your place in Franklin. Or just let me know how to place an order for laurel posts and limbs.

  3. I have clients that are building log homes. I think they would be interested in your products.
    Two questions-
    Where are you located?
    Are the stair rails to code?