Deck Stairs

Stairs Railing

Stairs Railing

When building a new home, a detail that is often overlooked is the deck stairs. But they are a very important element of the home, essential to travelling from level to level. Often these exterior deck stairs will lead to the backyard. This area can sometimes be manicured into a courtyard or landscaped with plants and bushes.

Timber Frame Deck Stairs

Timber Frame Deck Stairs

Deck stairs railing comes in many different forms. The most basic handrail, seen on just about every house, is made with pressure treated lumber with 2×2 pickets running straight up and down. The visual effect of this look is equivalent to bars on a window. This pattern really does nothing to enhance the view from your deck or the way it appears to onlookers. There are some interesting geometric patterns that can be made with lumber. But no square shape can compare to the rustic beauty of the organic and wondrous forms made by woven branches.

deck stairs railing

Deck Stairs Railing

Mountain Laurel Handrails are crafted by skilled carpenters versed in combining disparate pieces into a cohesive whole. The handrail sections pictured about arrive as an easy to install railing kit. Sections are built to custom measurements and each order is unique. When they arrive, simply trim the ends of the sections and slide them into place. Screws are the suggested fastener for securing the wooden handrail to the posts. This wood handrail endows any home with incomparable and utterly unique works of art!

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