Handrails for Stairs

Handrails for Stairs

Handrails for Stairs

These incredible handrails for stairs were custom built to exact specifications and then shipped to South Carolina for installation. Mountain Laurel Handrails are available nationwide in preassembled and easy to install sections. Contact today for more information and to get started on your project. This homeowner opted to go with pine lumber on the handrail to match the pine shiplap on the interior walls. The newel post at the bottom of the stairs is set to the outside of the tread. This makes the  bottom rail of this stair handrail set outside the stair stringer. This is the preferred installation method since it hides the unsightly triangle gap created if the handrail is set in line with the stair stringer and has to sit on the leading edge of the nosing of the tread instead.

When the homeowner sent pictures, this is what he said:

We love it and lots of compliments! — Bryant

The homeowner wanted a stair banister to match the handrails for this stairs and since the handrails are of branches, of course that the banister should be as well. The carpenters on this project did a skillful job of joining the mountain laurel sticks that were provided to them. I especially love the step up of the banister about halfway up the stairs. The on site carpenters are definitely proficient woodworkers to recognize the innate utility of each piece of wood.

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3 Responses to Handrails for Stairs

  1. Nina Chitty says:

    James, I want one of these. I’m measuring 6ft. Can you send me a quote and when it could be ready? Thanks!

  2. Tessa says:

    Hello: i am interested in discussing options for hand rails into a basement. The one pictured would look wonderful. Would the cost be per foot? Width? Location? Thanks!

  3. Nick dodge says:

    I am interested in buying several pieces of laurel 10-12′ in length to use as handrail like pictured against the wall. Are these dried ( kiln or air) and can I put some type of finish on it to help keep bark from peeling? I do not have my dimensions handy but I think I need 3 @ 10′,and 3 @12′ shipped to Maysville, ga 30558