Mountain Laurel Door Pulls

Mountain Laurel Door Pulls

Mountain Laurel Door Pulls

Mountain laurel is a versatile wood and can be used for all kinds of different applications. I recently received an inquiry from a homeowner who wanted some Mountain Laurel door knobs. Or course, we were happy to oblige. These door pulls were used on sets of closet doors and the finished result is quite nice. This would be a great look for a rustic kitchen used as cabinet pulls and would really complement any log home or lodge with a rustic branch table.

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Updated on January 16, 2017 by jimmypader

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One Response to Mountain Laurel Door Pulls

  1. Diane Viscione says:

    my kitchen cabinets have 4 screw door pulls that are actually boat ties. I want to replace with some of yours, is it possible to give you dimensions to work by? I can send pictures along also? still waiting for contractor to measure, hopefully this week for railings.