Porch Railings in Cherokee, North Carolina

We shipped porch railing to some neighbors in Cherokee, North Carolina, and they were so thrilled with the railings they installed them the very same day! We see this excitement and enthusiasm for our handcrafted railings time and time again, and it’s one of the many things that makes working with such a fine artisan product so rewarding. Our master woodworkers keep time honored craftsmanship alive, and the resulting product is unique, beautiful, and made to last. It’s easy to love what you do when you know your customers are as excited as you are and the results are always so stunning.

Hi James, Attached are photos of our installed porch railings. They look great and we installed them the day we picked them up.
Bill Queen

Branch Railing from Cherokee, North Carolina

Porch Railing Installed in Cherokee, North Carolina

Quickly Transform Your Home’s Look

There aren’t many ways to completely transform the look of a home in an afternoon. Most home projects require weeks or even months of living in a construction zone, but the Mountain Laurel railings are so easy to install, this project just took a day! The homeowners most likely sat out on the porch that very night admiring the lovely new look of their home.

Cherokee, NC Porch Railing

Cherokee, NC Porch Railing

The railings complement the charming home perfectly, and the porch becomes an eye catching focal point. All they need now are a couple of bentwood rocking chairs so they can enjoy their beautiful porch for many, many years. In an era when so many products are made to be almost disposable, a finely crafted real wood product keeps traditions alive and outlasts the mass produced products out there.

Porch Railings Cherokee

Porch Railings Cherokee

The beauty of the new railings is so eye catching, too! The red of the new branches really pops against the gray of the home and coordinates beautifully with the brick foundation, yet the porch will look equally stunning as the branches age to more subtle silvery gray like the house. Homeowners often ask how to preserve the stunning red of their new railings. Keeping the color vibrant and new is as simple as regularly applying a penetrating “natural” colored stain. Many of our customers choose to do this, but we think the soft silvery color of aged railings is beautiful, too.

Branch Railing from Cherokee, North Carolina

Branch Railing from Cherokee, North Carolina

Buying from local artisan small businesses helps the economy thrive as well, so a Mountain Laurel product makes customers feel good while making their home look awesome, too. Each woodworker puts their whole heart into their work, and that pride is built into every uniquely crafted detail. To top it all off, these are entirely Made in the USA! Between the beautiful, rustic charm, the ease of installation, and the commitment to local woodworkers, it’s easy to see why these customers were so excited to install the railings as soon as they arrived!

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