Dark Stained Wood and Painted Branch Railing

New pictures have just arrived of a stairwell railing. For this project, the lumber is stained dark walnut and the branches have been painted off-white for an absolutely stunning effect. I really like how this turned out. What do you think? Let me know in the comments or on Facebook.

Dark Walnut Stained Wood Railing with Painted Branches

Dark Walnut Stained Wood Railing with Painted Branches

Painted Branch Mountain Laurel Handrail

Painted Branch Mountain Laurel Handrail

Straight and simple rails stained in mocha make a stunning contrast to the silvery white branches that form balusters. Together, these elements create an abstract piece of art. Then, to bring on the holiday cheer, the homeowner decorates the balcony railing with bright, colorful lights wrapped in garland.

Railing with Christmas Lights

Railing with Christmas Lights

Just sent some pictures of my beautiful railing. Everyone has to comment when they see it.
Truly unique and perfect for our beach home. Earthy and perfect !

Blessings !!!

Railing with Holiday Lights

Railing with Holiday Lights

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Updated on October 10, 2018 by jimmypader

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12 Responses to Dark Stained Wood and Painted Branch Railing

  1. Ed says:

    Wow these are beautiful. Maybe I build another addition just to have a place for these. You know we love the railing railing system you crated for our deck. They been up for over right years, exposed to all the elements and just get better looking every year. We love it and are proud how great it makes our house look. Everybody’s first comment is “where did you get this. I’ve never seen Anything that looks so good” We are always glad we had you do this for us. Masterpiece is the correct word.

  2. Missie Pierce says:

    Nice look. Would be great in a modern house with a traditional flair. We just love ours. Will send you a picture of ours all decorated next week when we get to the lakehouse. Merry Christmas to you and yours!
    Missie Pierce

  3. Jim Pader says:

    Great new color-blending design. It’s a work of art and gives me a feeling like I get when looking at a master’s painting in a museum.

  4. Vicki Zimmerman says:

    STUNNING, James! Makes me wish I had another home with an upstairs to ‘steal’ this idea! Happy homeowners, I am sure!! It is fun to see other’s ideas and projects.
    Best wishes for a wonderful, spirit filled Christmas.

  5. Teresa Bouchonnet says:

    You have done it again and the results are beautiful!! We are lucky to have your talents in our area.

  6. Adelita says:

    Took a peak at these photos and they are gorgeous! The contrast of white to dark stain are elegant and would blend even into a traditional interiors setting. Beautiful work.

  7. Fred Beshore says:

    Striking! Very attractive and unique.
    BTW. I have asked Rich to delay my railing project till spring. We are already snowed in here in VT. Have a great and fast winter.