Custom Branch Table

custom branch table

Custom Branch Table

This custom branch table was built to fit the space! The homeowner wanted a coffee table to go with the leather couch in the picture but a rectangular table would have stuck out into the walking area. This special trapezoid design allows for free and unrestricted movement around the living room but also has a long edge facing the couch for lots of space. The long edge was measured to fit the homeowner’s precise measurements. Check out more rustic furniture here.

Tall Railing on Balcony

tall railing

Tall Railing

These two wood railing sections are extra tall at five feet just for the railing. That puts the top of the railing at almost six feet. Just another demonstration of how versatile and inventive Mountain Laurel Handrail can be. The design of any project is crucial and, on this project, Wood Railing, the contractor and the homeowner worked closely together to ensure the best possible finished product. And as you can see, it turned out wonderfully!

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Wood Railing Products

Mountain Laurel Handrails are unique railings made from the branches of the mountain laurel tree. They provide endless opportunity for adding a one of a kind style to your home. There is no other handrail that compares.

timber frame wood handrail
Wood handrail installed on a timber frame porch

Take a look around and see how many different ways you can add rustic beauty to your home!

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Curved Railing

The latest from the master woodworkers at the Wood Railing shop is this curved railing section. This handrail, along with two others like it, have almost 11 inches of arc to them. I bet it was a fun project to frame the circular deck that these are going on! It’s certainly been a fun project to build handrails for.

cicular railing

Railing for Circle Deck

I’ve got plenty of pics and will be sharing some of the secrets to bending boards in an upcoming post.

Tall Handrail Section

Check out this tall interior wood railing. Like all Mountain Laurel Handrails, this was custom made to the owner’s specifications. The homeowner was looking for a special design element to add to her New Hampshire ski home and this was just the ticket! These tall sections are five feet tall and will be installed inside on a loft balcony. For extra added safety, the homeowner will install a piece of plexiglass on the face of the railings. Normally, laurel branches stick out from either side of the handrail but in this case, the branches were left flush or set in from the front of the railing so that the polycarbonate plexiglass can be installed easily.
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tall handrail sections

Tall Handrail


Framed Mountain Laurel Branch Art

There are thousands of different furniture creations that are possible when working with mountain laurel branches and ultimately, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination. The pictures below show more Mountain Laurel Rustic Furniture or decorations that the Wood Railing workshop can create for your home. Mountain Laurel framed branch art is perfect for any available space on the walls of your home and adds to any rustic, mountain appearance.

Framed Mountain Laurel Art

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Mountain Laurel Handrail Product Guide

Take a minute and check out the Mountain Laurel Handrail Product Guide. This is your guide to the different options from Wood Railing.

Product Guide front page

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Wood Railing CAD Drawings

The best way to get started on a new construction or remodeling project is with a professionally prepared set of plans, drawings and specifications. Architects and designers use CAD programs like AutoCAD, ChiefArchitect or 20/20 to prepare the plans. These computer aided drafting programs can also show photo-realistic renderings of the designs and what the finished home construction project will look like.

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