(Almost) Tropical Deck Railing in Ohio

Here are pics from a recent shipment to Ohio. Isn’t this a great setting for wood deck railings?!

I love the nautical flavor of this home. It’s hard to believe that this is in Ohio because it seems like it’s on an island. The white boards really accent the dark silhouette lines of the mountain laurel sticks to make this another awesome installation! Check out some other deck railing ideas including nautical themed!

Deck Railings looking over the lake

Rustic deck railings looking over the lake

This is another picture from the most recent order that went to Ohio. The porch is really accented by the mountain laurel railing. It is a look like no other! The shady umbrella and inviting table make me smell the aroma of a grill. Mountain Laurel Handrails with painted branches installed on a porch looking out over a lake. What a view!

rustic deck railings

(Almost) Tropical Deck Railing

Wood Railing’s New Look

If you’ve been here in the past couple of months, you’ve probably seen some changes happening to the website. I really love the new look of the site! and it’s because of all of the handrail pictures! I’ve added a ton of new railing pictures on the main page, and elsewhere throughout the site. Some of these pictures are jobs from 2003. And there’s still nothing else quite like mountain laurel handrail! Each railing is totally original just as each home and design is unique and each of these builds another layer of complexity to make each project art.

Thanks to Sarah Benoit and her web design and color matching services :)

Deck Railing Section Drawing

Here is a diagram showing the typical installation for mountain laurel handrail, an original railing design. Preassembled sections are shown circled in orange; everything else is installed on site. Each section arrives one inch long so that they can be cut to fit the posts. Once they are in place, the exterior 1×4 and the 2×6 top plate are installed. This can be done so as to hide most or all of the fasteners holding the assembly together.

Read the Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

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Laurel Handrail Architectural Section

Laurel Handrail Architectural Section


Ipe Deck Railing

ipe 1x4 for deck railing

Ipe 1×4 for Deck Railing

Check out this picture of an ipe deck railing near Nashville, TN. The mountain laurel branches are attached to ipe boards. Ipe is a very hard wood that is similar in appearance to mahogany. It is resistant to decay from insects and water and is a popular choice for new decks. Did you see the ipe 6×6 posts? I also really like the way that the sunlight highlights the sticks. For this house, the homeowner had white and red oak trees from the property milled into siding for the house. The beautiful natural setting tied to the architecture of this home in so many different ways!

ipe deck railing

Mountain Laurel and Ipe Deck Railing

Deck Railing with Custom Newel Post

Here’s a picture you may not have seen before. This one shows a deck railing with a custom newel post made from a wide diameter mountain laurel branch. The branches of the handrail weave are carefully cut to match the contours on the large stick. The 1x4s that hold the weave in place are also carefully cut to fit special pockets, called mortises, that are cut into the stick. It is time-consuming work but the end result is a beautifully crafted piece of rustic art for your deck.

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deck railing

Deck Railing with Custom Mountain Laurel Newel Post

Wood Railing for Remodelors

A Big THANK YOU!!! to Nina Patel and Remodeling Magazine for featuring Wood Railing in this article in the April 2011 edition of the magazine. It’s a quick read and covers the important points of the process from taking an order to installing delivered sections. Make sure you visit the FAQ to learn more about wood railing.

laurel wood railing

Drawing of Railing Section

Here is an architectural section drawing of a typical installation of wood deck railing. The orange lines show what constitutes a ready-to-install section: top and bottom 1×4 board with the woven mountain laurel branches attached. Once the sections arrive, they are cut to fit and the rest of the boards are installed. Contact me today to get started  on your project.

railing picture

Picture of typical railing installation.

Deck Railings for Lissara Lodge

The Lake at Lissara opened up just in time for the Parade of Homes this past weekend. Check out this article in the Winston-Salem Journal.

lake deck railings

Deck Railings overlooking the Lake at Lissara

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