Painted Branch Railing

Some of you might remember a recent wood deck railings project I posted that was installed at the Summer House in Highlands, NC. I passed by there recently and noticed that the painters had been through and work was about complete on their new Idea House Showroom. The sticks and branches on these custom railings have been painted to match the color scheme. I love this picture with the timber frame porch railings in front with the green of the forest beyond.

Painted Branch Railing

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The Cottage Chronicles

Thanks to Robert Dares for highlighting Wood Railing on his blog about all things down home, The Cottage Chronicles.

He provides a wealth of information about topics like dealing with ethanol in gas, sharpening chainsaws and adding camo siding to your house. I know lots of guys who’d like that camo siding for their deer stands! Robert makes one point that I completely agree with, along with a host of other nice things. Mountain laurel handrails aren’t just for rustic, log or lodge style homes. I think that they would look really cool incorporated into some boxy, clean modernist designs. Or like he points out, they’re a perfect fit to really differentiate a suburban home’s second floor balcony. Make sure you check him out!

home show season

It’s going to be home show season soon, and Wood Railing is getting ready by making pieces to take to various shows. We’ll be all over Western North Carolina and look forward to seeing lots of new faces.

here’s a show piece that is ready for the adventure!

mountain laurel railing

Mountain Laurel Railing

Mountain Laurel Headboard

I just want to say thanks to House Tweaking and be different, act normal for sharing my work. I think it’s awesome that you picked up on the cool things that we’re making!

rustic headboard

Rustic Mountain Laurel Headboard

We just finished making this queen size headboard. It was shipped to California along with section of wood railing and sticks for a stairs banister. There’s plenty going on here with the rustic wood furniture. and I’ll have some new items to share soon…

Mountain Laurel Picture Frames

Check out the newest craft item to come out of the Wood Railing workshop. These rustic picture frames are made in the same style as mountain laurel handrails. But they’re made to hang on your wall like a framed picture. They are beautiful and will surely add to the character of your home’s decor. Contact me to get your set today!

Rustic Picture Frames

Set of three rustic picture frames.

Timber Frame Home Plans

Timber frame homes are a great way to get into the rustic lifestyle. These homes are built out of magnificent timbers so that the skeleton that holds up the building is exposed. If you’re interested in building a timber frame home, you’ve probably looked at your share of house plans. You’ve probably already discovered how difficult it can be to find something that you like or that fits your needs.

timber frame home plan

Timber Frame Home Plans Available Now!

My friends at Goshen Timber Frames have just introduced a new resource that will make your search easier. They’ve introduced an online resource where you can find just what you’re looking for. Cruise over and check out these Timber Frame Plans. You can select the plan you want, include additional options, and they send the plans to you! These homes are designed to be covered with structural insulated panels, so they are complete quickly and are energy efficient.

And, while you’re there, remember how nicely mountain laurel handrails will match!

Summer House Exterior Railings

These are those exterior railings I posted a while back that had the sticks painted. They’re installed at The Summer House in Highlands NC which is a beautiful little town in the Smoky Mountains. Highlands is perched on the top of a mountain and surrounded by waterfalls. You can bring home the scenery with these distinct railings. Contact me today to get started on your project.

wood exterior railings

Exterior railings with painted branches

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Wood Railing for a Headboard

I received a request for a headboard made with wood railing. Now you can add the look of mountain laurel handrail to your bedroom. Each headboard is a custom made item specifically for your bed and setup. This conceptual drawing shows how the headboard will look once it is complete.

headboard made with wood railing

This headboard is made to look like wood railing.

The posts on either side are large diameter mountain laurel branches. The branches that form the weave of the railing are also mountain laurel. Square, dimensional boards are of cedar for that nice cedar smell. Cedar also has a lovely grain pattern to it. The board on top is wide enough for a clock or books or curios. The middle board is wide enough to lay a pillow against. The lower board is the attachment point for a bed frame.