Accent Your Deck Railing

Decks are often the focus of any outdoor living space in the home. These are the places where families and friends gather to share in the outdoors and grill some food. With all the socializing going on, here are some tips to accent your deck railing.
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Exterior railings on a bridge

exterior railing on a bridge

Exterior railing on a bridge

This exterior wood handrail was installed on a bridge over a small stream. The bridge was built with round log posts holding up the timber framed roof. Special pockets were carved in the round posts so that the square lumber of the handrail would fit seamlessly. Large diameter mountain laurel branches were used to match the stout look of the covered bridge. These exterior railings tie this bridge to its surroundings by mimicking the organic forms of the forest.


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Exterior Railings

exterior railings

Exterior railings

Exterior railings are one of the defining elements of the facade of a home. Each style of home has a outdoor railing that fits it best, though, more and more homes are blending railing designs. Mountain laurel handrails are made by master craftsmen and are a great rustic look. This railing design is based on a traditional form found in the Great Smoky Mountains of Western North Carolina. Modern craftsmen have improved on this form with joinery and preparation techniques to ensure a beautiful exterior railing that will draw compliments from everyone that see them. This stair railing is one example of how many different elements can be included that use the mountain laurel wood. The center post of the stairs railing is a larger stick that supports the handrail. The branches come all the way down the side of the stairs and blend the structure with its surrounding. Behind the stairs, sticks extend from the stair all the way to the underneath of the deck. I especially like how the dappled sunlight further blurs the distinction between nature and the built environment.

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How to Measure for your Mountain Laurel Handrail

The first step in ensuring yourmountain laurel handrail order is precise is with accurate measurements.


Use this image to measure your stair railing.

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Handrail Sections Ready to Install

This is how the handrail sections look when they arrive at your house. They are ready for installation and only need to be fastened between the posts. This easy to install handrail system is a great way to quickly add rustic mountain charm to your home.

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Wood Railings Installed in Washington State

This is the first order that was shipped nationally by Mountain Laurel Handrails! About eighty feet of handrail was shipped to Washington State.

Wood Railing Installed

Wood Railing in Washington State

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How to Build a Basic Wood Railing

The basic wood handrail is extremely common due to its simplicity of assembly. This handrail requires 4x4s, 2×4, 2×2 and 2×6 for top rail.

Basic Wood Railing at Night

Basic Wood Railing at Night

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Mountain Laurel Handrail Installation Instructions

Mountain Laurel Handrail preassembled sections are built according to your post-to-post measurements and the 2x4s are left one inch long. When the order arrives, rest sections on 2×4 blocks on edge, scribe the ends of the top and bottom rails to match the posts, slide the section into place and fasten with screws. 1×4 are installed with finish nails to sandwich the ends of the sticks at top and bottom. To finish, a 2×6 is installed as a top cap, placing all screws and fasteners to be hidden.

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