Custom Mountain Laurel Handrails for Deck, Balcony and Stairs

When you’re designing your home, you want everything to be perfect. Why else spend the money? We understand that and we want to make Mountain Laurel Handrails work for you. Even with their unique appeal, perhaps you still have something different in mind. for your home design. Your house should look and feel exactly the way you want it to, so custom railing is a great way to get your special design.

Rustic Barnwood Railing

Rustic Barnwood Railing

All of the pictures on this page are the result of close collaboration between the Wood Railing team and the on-site designers, builders, and owners. Communication and precise measurements are key to successful project completion since handrail sections are preassembled and ready to install. Our Wood Railing team is happy to be there with you every step of the way to ensure you get exactly what you want for your deck railing.

Lissara Style Handrails

This custom design is from the architecture design team at the Lake at Lissara. They came up with this design and it is a great way to frame the Mountain Laurel Handrail sections between the post. The architect envisioned each open space between the posts as a frame for the natural beauty that sis Mountain Laurel Handrails. They used unique joinery to connect the 2x6s to the 6×6 posts and the results are certainly impressive.

Custom Wood Railing

Custom Wood Railing

Rustic Railing

While very straight lines and structured rails are ideal for some people, others have different ideas in mind. Maybe you have something a bit more casual and want to continue the mountain laurel branch motif. This gives the space a very natural and outdoorsy feel, while still being a neat and polished indoor railing. This rustic railing uses a mountain laurel log for the top piece of the stair railing and this same piece also serves as a rustic banister. The curved and windy feel of the wood extend into the top piece, giving the railing a very cohesive look. The bottom piece uses a yellow pine 1×4 to match the stair stringer and posts. The results are visually seamless and this custom stair railing is impressive.

Best Rustic Railing

Best Rustic Railing

Mountain Laurel Banister

 Mountain Laurel Banister

Mountain Laurel Banister

Your Mountain Laurel designs don’t have to stop at indoor and outdoor guardrails and handrails. For an added piece to match your handrail, as well as add an element of safety to your stairs, consider a custom banister. Another way to continue the motif is with a custom log banister in addition to the stair railing. Some places will require a separate banister that can be grasped easily on any stairs. A Mountain Laurel Banister is a great design idea. The natural movements and grooves of the wood make for a very safe and easily gripped banister.

Handrails for Stairs

Handrails for Stairs

Horizontal Top and Bottom

This custom balcony railing features a horizontal top and bottom. This allows the Wood Railing master carpenters to demonstrate their full ability with the complex joinery required to connect twisted branches to straight and true lumber. The exposed joinery means that each cut must be absolutely precise for a tight fit. With a unique custom piece like this in your home, you’re sure to turn heads.

Rustic Railing

Rustic Railing

Custom Shapes and Sizes

Custom Shape Handrail

Custom Shape Handrail

No task is too big for our Wood Railing masters. They can tackle and project of any size for you. This is an example of a tall railing section. Whatever your height or dimensions, just provide those and we will build it to match. Some building codes require railing heights to be 42″ but most places allow down to 36″. Some homeowners that are taller than average may also prefer a custom tall railing. This custom railing picture shows an extra-tall section that also features a mountain laurel newel post in the center. Tall railings also help to add just a little more safety for little ones and pets running around the house, exactly the concern in this case.

tall railing

Tall Railing

Custom Wavy Banister

This custom wavy banister was specially requested by a customer and built to match her unique stairs. There is really no easy way to describe the lightning bolt, stair step visual image presented by this custom banister. The angle of the banister is cut to match that of the stairs. Each horizontal piece on the banister lined up above a single tread on the stairs. The rise on the banister rises at a similar angle to the stairs and allows the person walking on the stairs to maintain a natural grip on the wood banister.

stairs banister

Custom Stairs Banister

Painted Branches for Handrails

Our wood comes in its natural colors, but that might not always work with the décor in your room. Therefore, we offer a solution: paint. Painting the branches of your Mountain Laurel Handrail, in a complimentary or contrasting color, can lend a whole new consideration to the use of these decorative railings in interior design and architecture.

Decorative Railing

Railing Section with Painted Branches

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