North Dakota Lodge Balcony Railing

North Dakota Lodge Balcony and Stair Railing

North Dakota Lodge Balcony and Stair Railing

The homeowner on this project wanted something that would match her husband’s mounted trophies but would also be artistic and creative. She found the perfect balcony handrail for her North Dakota lodge in Mountain Laurel Handrails. Custom build branch railings are the crowning touch for the timber-framed lodge with its full balcony and central staircase.

Rustic Balcony Railing

Rustic Balcony Railing

Balcony Railing with Antler Chandelier

Balcony Railing with Antler Chandelier


Balcony Handrails

Balcony Handrails

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8 Responses to North Dakota Lodge Balcony Railing

  1. Olga Pader says:

    This piece, i.e., art work, is truly outstanding. The railings complement and bring together the trophies to create experience of being immersed in the veldt or the woods. Superb!

  2. Olga Lampkin says:

    these really look great & add that final, special touch to a beautiful home!

  3. M Pierce says:

    This creation is ABSOLUTELY STUNNING and so very much in keeping with the relaxed atmosphere of the home.

  4. These are very artfully and tastefully done to add to the luxury of the home without taking away from its own elegant distinction. Thank you for sharing

  5. Jim Pader says:

    Obviously the owners of this home could have chosen whatever railings they wanted. That they chose Mountain Laurel Wood Railings indicated that they wanted the “best” – and they got it.
    The whole home is a masterful combination of simplicity and art. The railings are the final stroke of the brush.

  6. Beverly Crespo says:

    These are my favorite rail system so far.
    Very nice!!

  7. Becky Ramey says:

    Wow, James! These are amazing. Your work is always so breathtaking and filled with talent!