Deck Railing for Texas Lake House

The deck railings chosen for this lake house in Texas were Mountain Laurel Handrails! These railings make a great statement with the craftsman style siding and architecture on this home. The deck balusters are branches in the railing and really set this deck ahead of others on the lake!

Exterior Deck Railing

Exterior Deck Railing

opening a crate with Mountain Laurel Handrails

Opening the Crate

The homeowner on this project sent pictures of the work in progress. The sun shines a little bit brighter when Mountain Laurel Handrails arrive and are uncrated, on the left. On the right, the crew sets the sections out in front of the posts for organizing and cutting to fit.

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setting out the handrail sections before installing

Ready to Install

laurel handrail sections set out to be cut to fit

Ready to be Cut

for easier work, keep saw station nearby

Saw Station

On the left, sections are ready to be cut. Since each section must be cut to fit, it’s important for the saw station to be near the work as shown in the picture on the right, which, incidentally, also pictures the best double bevel, compound sliding miter saw that DeWalt made.

laurel railing with built-in bench seating

Bench Seating

Built-in bench seating is a great way to make the deck more inviting and appealing especially during parties or when guest are visiting.

Deck Stairs Railing

Deck Stairs Railing

The flagstone walkway from the deck stairs to the boat house and lake.

Rustic Handrail

Rustic Handrail

Rustic handrail is the view from the master suite next to the hot tub.

Porch Handrail with ball floating on water

Porch Handrail

The design of this deck is awesome and the ball that floats on water is too.

stairs railing

Stairs Railing

The carpenters on this project did a great job with this stairs railing section. Notice first how the top of the stair handrail and the flat handrail on the deck line up on either side of the post. The carpenters also had to modify this section to accommodate the angled stairs and the newel post being set back in so far from the edge.

Porch Handrail with Bench

Handrail with Bench

Deck Handrail

Deck Handrail

Here’s another two views of the built in benches and hot tub. There’s also a large porch swing for cozying up with your special someone to enjoy the view of the lake.

Hot Tub and Laurel Handrail

Hot Tub Handrail

Deck Furniture and Railing

Deck Furniture Railing

This is the corner of the deck by the master suite right next to the hot tub and some deck furniture perfect for a lazy brunch.

Texas Lake House

Texas Lake House

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One Response to Deck Railing for Texas Lake House

  1. Jim Pader says:

    Dear Jimmy:
    Each time I see one of your hand railings installed I think “Wow this is great.” Then, sometime later you send pictures of another site showing mountain laurel hand railings and I say “Wow – that’s even better.” Now I look forward to your next group of pictures because I am curious to see how you will top the last one. Love, Dad