Wood Stair Railing on Stone Staircase

Natural materials mingle with apricot hues to create a warm and welcoming glow in this stair railing in stone staircase. Not to mention, the look is lovely! Let’s take a peek at all the fine details of this sprawling staircase from top to bottom.

Wooden Stair Handrail

Wooden Stair Handrail

As you can see in the picture above, a stairway is more than a means to get from one level of your house to another. It is a major architectural design feature. And the right railing in the right surroundings can turn a staircase into something special.

Ideas for Wooden Stairs

Ideas for Wooden Stairs

The wood stair railing is constructed from natural wood materials to complement the fieldstone walls. Amazingly, the look of this stair railing in stone staircase is a mix of elegance and rustic. The custom handrail features a top rail, while two additional rails frame the balusters like a piece of art.

Wood Stair Railing Stone Staircase

Wood Stair Railing Stone Staircase

Flowing Mountain Laurel branches create the fluid infill. This is another unique feature as no two branches and therefore, no two sections are alike. Rough bark covers the balusters and creates an interesting contrast to the smooth and polished rails.

Variegated wood landings connect the platform stairway as it changes direction on its long way down to the lower level. Thick stair treads are made to match other elements in the stairway, beautifully. Additionally, the open riser stairs add an element of airiness to the staircase.

The walls along the staircase are faced with irregular fieldstone creating a mosaic pattern. Multi-colored stones in neutral overtones contrast nicely with the chestnut stained rails.

Wood Stair Hand Railing

Wood Stair Hand Railing

The stair railing in stone staircase is indeed the showpiece of this home. It flaunts an old world charm featuring natural elements. If you’re considering custom railings of exceptional beauty, send us your project details or questions to get started.

This lake time balcony railing mirrors the homeowners’ message of ease and enjoyment!

The owners of this cozy lakefront home wanted to define their interior with an openness that blends with the lake and outdoor scenery. They did this perfectly with a large balcony overlooking the great room, complemented with a staircase that’s open on one side.

To harmonize these architectural elements they tapped into the talents of craftsmen at Mountain Laurel Handrail. The rails and balusters feature natural overtones to enhance the home’s easy and relaxing feeling. All in all, this indoor space expresses the homeowners’ message perfectly. On Lake Time!

Wooden Handrails for Steps

Wooden Handrails for Steps

Blocky newel posts secure the post-to-post railing system. The linear handrails frame sinuous balusters crafted from branches covered in bark. It’s like bringing a splash of the outdoors in. As you can see in the picture, the railings are both functional and decorative.

What’s more, the ideal railings for a lakefront retreat should be easy to maintain and weather resistant. Mountain Laurel branches need little maintenance and withstand the moist environment of coastal or lakefront homes. That means more fun and less work for you.

Lake houses are all about easiness and enjoyment. In keeping with that principle, the homeowners’ decorated the interior with simplicity in mind. A few plaques with playful inscriptions and a couch with comfy pillows and cushions highlight the wall under the lake time balcony railing.

Here, the homeowners selected a soothing color theme. Cool blue hues are on spot with the coastal look. Additionally, light beige walls add to room’s breeziness. The railings stained in walnut add a touch of contrasting warmth.

Clearly, this indoor space along with its lake time balcony railing, opens up to a sunny day on the beach! To make the interior of your lakeside retreat as eye-catching as the view, consider Mountain Laurel railings.

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2 Responses to Wood Stair Railing on Stone Staircase

  1. Olga says:

    Definitely a stunning work of art.

  2. Monica says:

    The photos don’t do the real thing justice. The railing is beautifully done, and perfectly set in the stone. I particularly love the designs set in the banisters, the way the branches spiral within it. Whoever carved these created a masterpiece.
    I can imagine waking up from a great slumber and moving across the cool stone flooring (which feels great in the morning). The wood is so well crafted, I just know it would feel smooth under my hands as I walked downstairs. It would lend the house an artistic feel, and many people would likely comment on its beauty.
    It isn’t just a staircase, it’s a work of art.