Deck Railings for Lissara Lodge

The Lake at Lissara opened up just in time for the Parade of Homes this past weekend. Check out this article in the Winston-Salem Journal.

lake deck railings

Deck Railings overlooking the Lake at Lissara

I know it’s been quiet over here…

handrail drawing for lissara lodge

Architect’s drawing of handrail

It’s because the wood railing artisans┬áhave been working on deck railing plans and crafting a project for the Lodge at The Lake at Lissara.┬áThis is going to be an incredible building in just a few short weeks. Ready to install handrail sections are going to be framed by a handrail design that is as unique as woven mountain laurel.


handrail detail

Detail of Railing Frame


There is a lot of work put in both by myself and the mastermind at Lissara in getting all the details right and ensuring that the finished product will be a perfect match for its creator, Bob Timberlake.


railings being deliveredSo if you’re curious what 225 linear feet of framed railing sections looks like packed like sardines into a moving truck, here it is. Rental moving trucks are no fun to drive. This one was so loud from road and wind noise that it left my ears ringing. The steering was so bad I could hardly adjust the radio.


But it was well worth it when I got to check out the great work that’s going on at the Lodge. the woodworkers there have built a beautiful timber great room with a huge 12″ x 22″ yellow pine beam as the main ridge; it weighed 3000 pounds. The decking is cypress and the siding is of poplar bark. This is the view from across the lake that is more than a half mile long. Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

lissara lodge across the lake

Lissara Lodge from Across the Lake

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5 Responses to Deck Railings for Lissara Lodge

  1. wood railing says:

    Thanks Lang!

  2. Lang Wilcox says:

    This project has been a labor of love for over 6 years during its creation. The deep valley was a perfect location for a lake. The views of the completed project are exceptional. Our great fortune of having Bob Timberlake enhance our vision with his own; and providing an enthusiastic team including architect Norman Zimmerman and designer Molly Timberlake Loflin, resulted in a venture beyond comparison. The craftsmanship of the mountain laurel handrails by James Pader, Winter Sun Construction, completed the theme of the lodge in perfect form. It was truly a pleasure working with him throughout the project. Nice job James!

  3. wood railing says:

    Thanks Sheila, for pointing that out to me. You should have stopped by when you were in Sylva! here’s the link to the article:

  4. sheila says:

    check out article in winston salem journal ( in business section, 05.01.2011…showing and noting your work beautifully! my sister pointed you out at sylva’s ‘greening up the mountains’.