Glossary of Handrail Terms

Balcony — A floor that projects out and is surrounded by a balustrade.

Baluster — The part of a guardrail that runs from bottom to top and supports the handrail or banister.

Balustrade — A row of repeating balusters. The most visible part of a guard rail.

Banister — The piece of the guard rail that is grasped while climbing stairs.

Deck — An exterior structure built outside a home. Used for outdoor living and recreation.

Decor — The style or manner in which a home is decorated.

Design — A unified plan, here referencing a guided approach to home decor.

Guard Rail — A structure preventing people from falling off of exposed platforms.

Handrail — The part of a guard rail that is grasped with the hand.

Loft — An upper floor that is open to the floor below.

Log Home — A house constructed with whole or modified logs as the structural walls.

Mountain Laurel — A small, bushy tree that grows in the Appalachian Mountains.

Newel Post — A short post that supports long spans of guard rail.

Outdoor Living — Creating outdoor spaces for recreation and entertainment.

Porch — A deck that is open on the sides and has a roof for shelter.

Railing — Generic term for handrail, guard rail, balustrade, etc.

Rhododendron — A small, bushy tree that grows in the Appalachian Mountains.

Rustic — A home decor style that is found on log homes and timber frames involving architectural wood.

Stairs — A structure for moving from one floor to another.

Stringer — The structural element of stairs supporting the treads and risers.

Timber Frame — A structure made of square wood timbers supporting roof and walls.

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