Curved railigns on a log home

Mountain Laurel Handrails Transform Your Home into a Stunning Work of Art

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Hi there, I’m Jimmy Pader. I’m a master woodworker crafting unique works of art in the form of Mountain Laurel Handrail. When I first started building them back in 2004, I was immediately attracted to the artistic possibilities hidden in each twisted branch. These could be molded into an infinite number of designs making each railing completely unique. I had discovered a lost art.

Mountain Laurel Handrails company owner James Pader

You have found the best way to dramatically improve the appearance of your home. These rustic handrails completely transform your home into stunning art that draws compliments from all who see them.

First railing order shipped nationwide

"The handrails are beautiful!!! We get so many compliments on them." That’s what Erika said about her front porch pictured here. This is the first order of Mountain Laurel Handrails that was shipped nationwide in 2010. "You were great to work with and you created a work of art for our home."

Curved Mountain Laurel Handrails installed on a deck in Hawaii

You can get Mountain Laurel Handrails nationwide.

We have shipped to Alaska, and Hawai’i (pictured here!), and Canada.

Mountain Laurel Handrails as seen on TV -- Man Caves on the DIY Network

We were on TV installing a porch railing for the Man Caves show on DIY network...

Logos of Edmonton Journal, Winston-Salem Journal, Laurel magazine, and The Franklin Press

Featured in local, state, and even Canadian newspapers...

Picture of balcony and stairs railings from Qualified Remodeler magazine
Logos the from construction industry trade publications Qualified Remodeler, Remodeling, and Professional Deck Builder

And had interior balcony and stairs railings featured in industry publications.

Mountain Laurel Handrails can be installed throughout the home. They look great outside...

Railing on deck with pergola overhead

"We have finally gotten the deck painted and everyone loves the laurel railings. Thank you for making our backyard come alive!" — Mitch

And they can stand up to harsh elements...

Mountain Laurel Handrail with five inches of snow

"Love, love, love the railings. Just stained them this week and they look great. Thanks again," — Holly and Mark

But they still look awesome on an interior staircase...

Interior staircase and loft railing

"It looks even better than I imagined… And I have a pretty good imagination!" --Kristin

Simply incredible on a curved balcony...

Curved railings on an interior balcony

"People are oohing and ahhing over your handiwork on our curved railing. Thanks so much for sharing your skills with our family." — Missie

Yet still work with elegant modern décor.

Elegant stairs with rustic railing in main entry

Custom options are available like white pine log for the rails and newel posts...

Hand hewn white pine logs for top and bottom rails with mountain laurel between

Or with more traditional peeled locust…

Hand hewn locust top and bottom rails with mountain laurel between

Or create something unique like this mountain laurel branch top rail and yellow pine bottom.

Stair railing with laurel top rail and yellow pine bottom trim board
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The Lissara style was designed to be especially intriguing...

Lissara style sections are framed in an intricate pattern

While horizontal top and bottom rails showcase the joinery...

horizontal 2x6 top and bottom with exposed stick ends

Custom shapes are no problem...

railing section is a trapezoid to meet the cathedral ceiling

And sections can be built extra-tall. This section also has a Mountain Laurel Newel Post...

48 inch tall railing section with mountain laurel newel post

Just like this one!

deck railing with Mountain Laurel Newel Post

So here's how it works

You provide me with your actual post-to-post measurements. Mountain Laurel Handrails come in preassembled sections that are easy to install. A typical section is a top and bottom cedar 2x4 with the mountain laurel branches woven in between.

Sample sections shown here

sample section of Mountain Laurel Handrail

Sections are built one inch longer than your actual post-to-post measurements. You provide an additional 1x4 top and bottom to make a “sandwich” of the ends of the sticks, as well as the 2x6 top. Prices start at $50/lf plus shipping. To quote your project, I need your total linear footage and city/state for delivery.

sample section of Mountain Laurel Handrail
Request a Product Guide and Pricing Info

When you’re ready to order, you provide me with your actual post-to-post measurements. Sections are built only about one inch longer than your actual measurements, so accuracy is important. Typical lumber is cedar 2x4 which works well for projects where posts are 6x6 and larger. For 4x4 posts, 1x4 lumber is recommended. The mountain laurel branches are woven between the boards. Pattern is random with the exception of the sunburst.

sample section of Mountain Laurel Handrail

Sunburst Pattern

railing with sunburst pattern radiating up and out from the bottom center

Paint or stain on the cedar 2x4 lumber is included in the price of the typical project. You select the stain and we get the same product to match what you're already using. This picture shows some typical Minwax stain products applied to red cedar and white pine lumber.

common stain colors on cedar and pine lumber

Sticks are typically not stained. Some people like a natural stain on the sticks since it brings out the red color and gives them a little bit of shine. Cost for this is $10/lf.

laurel sticks are sometimes stained, here with Exterior Natural

Railings meet the 4” sphere rule.

all railings meet the 4 inch sphere rule like these installed at National Institutes of Health

Here’s the list of information needed to finalize your order:

Request a Product Guide and Pricing Info
architectural cross section drawings of Mountain Laurel Handrail typical

The handrail sections are one side of boards, typically 2x4 as shown here, with the mountain laurel sticks attached. You provide and install the 1x4 boards on the other side and the top cap 2x6 on site after installing the sections. This is so that your installer can hide fasteners in the railing.

Stairs railings are built to match the angle of your stairs. The drawing shows what measurements are needed.

Continue the motif with a Mountain Laurel Branch Banister

Mountain Laurel Branch Banister installed on a staircase

Mountain Laurel Branch Banister is approximately 2" diameter and each piece is unique. We provide the material cleaned and ready to endjoin. Your contractor installs and end joins on site and provides the mounting hardware. Prices start at $12/lf plus shipping.

Sunburst pattern, Mountain Laurel Newel Post and Branch Banister

sunburst railing with moutain laurel newel post and branch banister

After we have finalized your order, it’s typically 4 weeks until we ship.

Orders are packaged in custom built palletized crates that typically fit in a pickup truck...

railings packaged in a crate on a pickup truck

And can be moved by a forklift.

crates can be moved by forklift

When it arrives on site, open the box,

crate is unpackaged by a carpenter

Spread the sections out. Place each section on 2x4 blocks to space it off the floor. Mark the top bottom left and right,

prepare to install by spreading out the sections

And cut the sections on your marks. Screw them into place.

cut the sections to fit

You provide additional 1x4s to sandwich the ends of the sticks, top and bottom. You also provide the 2x6 top cap.

prepare to install by spreading out the sections

Installation Instructions

  1. Remove sections from package
  2. Place 2×4 blocks on edge by posts
  3. Place sections on blocks by posts
  4. Mark ends of sections and cut to fit
  5. Slide sections into place
  6. Screw to post with appropriate size screw
  7. Cut 1x4s (not included) to size
  8. Use finish nail gun to nail 1×4 into fatter diameter sticks
  9. Screw or nail 1x4 to posts
  10. Cut 2×6 top cap (not included) to length
  11. Use trim head screws and angle upwards through the 2×4 and 1×4 into the bottom of the 2×6 for a fastener free top
  12. Also screw the 2×6 into the posts as possible
Request a Product Guide and Pricing Info

"Hi James, We are finally living in our beautiful home – everybody comments on the railings. In fact, our inspector was clearly impressed with their beauty and sturdiness! Thanks again. We’ll probably be in touch for more handrails." Kim and Rod

cedar sided home with laurel railings

Results like this come from close collaboration between all parties with a strong emphasis on getting the correct measurements. Stairs can be tricky, but I’m here to work with you to ensure that your home is as photogenic as every other one pictured on this page...

stairs railing

Except this one.

correct measurements are important

Measure twice, cut once...

And you will have an amazing outdoor living area,

hot tub deck with pergola and laurel railings

Great loft and stairs

loft and stairs railing

Or something completely unique like these carved birds and rustic barnwood.

salvage barnwood top and bottom with carved birds in the weave

I’m excited to beautify your home next

mountain laurel handrails
Request a Product Guide and Pricing Info

May Hawaiin rainbows shine on your railings!

rainbow in the sky over railings installed in hawaii
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