A common application for Mountain Laurel Handrails is for deck railing, and they’re a perfect fit for a variety of styles. Whether it’s a porch covered over with a roof and timber frame structure or a deck that’s open to the air above, these products add style unlike any other. With a clean and natural look, they give a finished and polished feel to any exterior deck. The sticks will be red when the sections arrive but will weather to a lovely silver color. However, the red color can be preserved with the regular use of a penetrating stain in the color named “Natural.”

While these products are popular outdoors, they certainly have a place indoors as well. For the ultimate interior railing, the natural curved shapes add cachet to the average design and lend grandeur to the designer’s vision. Designers and architects realize the importance of breaking up space to give a correct proportion.This hangs in the foyer for a stunning style! Just as they do outdoors, these handrails are able to give a space both a rustic and polished look. For a more unified home design, use them on both the interior and exterior of the home.

When building a new home, a detail that is often overlooked is the stair railings. But they are a very important element of the home, essential to traveling from level to level. Often these exterior deck stairs will lead to the backyard. This area can sometimes be manicured into a courtyard or landscaped with plants and bushes.

Mountain Laurel Handrails strive to create the best, most unique pieces for our customers. This includes creating more complex designs than straight railings. Circular construction is the ultimate in difficulty since it requires the utmost of precision to execute. Curved railing on a curved deck is a great look, especially when combined with a log home or a grand timber frame. The curves of the architecture complement the curvaceous design of the handrails and give your deck a natural and comfortable look. These railing systems are a perfect choice, not only for their style but also for their strong and durable natural appeal.

Log railing is already a unique design element, and it’s made even better with Mountain Laurel Handrails. Break away from boring vertical rectilinear patterns and incorporate the natural, organic shapes of the branches. These natural shapes and designs truly feel at home in an outdoor setting.

The natural feel of Mountain Laurel Handrails doesn’t only have a place outdoors. Our Laurel Furniture will tie together any home décor. Not only is every piece of furniture practical and well built, but each piece is also unique. Taking the style of woven branches even further produces creative results in all kinds of furniture like headboards and tables. The curving sticks are displayed under glass as if one were viewing art hung on a gallery wall, promising that each of these pieces is truly a work of art. For a calming and natural feel in your bedroom, you can’t go wrong with a headboard. You can enjoy and admire this woodworking all around your home.

Mountain laurel branches are available for railing parts to do it yourself and build your own handrail. Typically preassembled sections are shipped nationwide, but you can also buy material you may need for railing parts here.

Log posts are a great choice to match with our log railing options. We typically provide these in Mountain Laurel as central newel posts. Another popular option is locust, either with bark on or with the bark removed.

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Request A Product Guide and Pricing Info