How to Measure for your Mountain Laurel Handrail

The first step in ensuring yourmountain laurel handrail order is precise is with accurate measurements.


Use this image to measure your stair railing.

For new construction, measure from post to post. Your handrail sections will arrive slightly long so they can be cut to fit on site. This ensures a good, tight fit. Rustic wood railing sections are built so that the finish height is 36″. This height complies with most building code requirement but local regulations may vary.

For an existing home, you’ll also measure from post to post. It’s often possible to save the handrail of an existing guardrail. You’ll need to measure from the deck to the bottom of the top rail so that the handrail sections can fit underneath.

Stairs can be built with the stairs inline or on the side of the stringers. If the posts are inline, the lower rail of the handrail will touch the tip of the stair tread. If the posts are to the side, the handrail can attach directly to the stair stringer. This is a great look that obscures the side of the stair.

To measure for stairs, you’ll need to check the length from post to post, the height from the bottom of the bottom rail to the top of the top rail and the angle of the stair’s rise. You can use the drawing to measure for your mountain laurel handrail. With these simple steps you’re ready to get started today on your rustic wood railing project!

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  1. Jennae Hoffman says:

    I am preparing a proposal and I think this style railing would be perfect. I would like to know the cost. This is for a cedar deck.