Interior Railings

laurel stair railing

Stair Railing and Balcony Handrail

Railings aren’t just for outdoor design. They fit in well indoors too, and can completely change a space. Interior railings on balcony and stair are often the architectural highlight of a room! For creative and unique indoor railings, Mountain Laurel Handrails has got you covered. These custom crafted works of art are an interior wood railing idea unlike any other. They instantly become the focal point of any home with an exposed stair guardrail. Their purpose doesn’t stop there; when they’re installed up high, you can admire them from below!

Interior Railings on Stairs

Interior Handrails on Stairs

How to Choose Balcony Railing and Stairs Railing

When choosing decorating accents for the interior of your home, it’s important to pick the style that best matches your existing design elements. A custom interior stair railing made of woven branches fits in very nicely with a rustic themed home. There’s nothing quite like real wood to lend a certain character to any project, and that’s just what we offer. Not only do these top-quality products bring life to your home, but you can also be sure that the installation of these handrails is a simple and easy process. This easy-to-install interior railing system is custom built to your measurements, and most handrail designs can be installed in just a day.

With so many handrail designs available, choosing one for your home can be a challenging process. The owners of this home wanted to add a unique element to their great room. Mountain Laurel Handrail is the perfect accent for this application! The large sliding glass door lets in light and views of the outdoors, and the branch railing continues the line of sight from the outside with the organic shapes of the forest. Each of these interior handrail designs is unique and totally unlike any other since the sticks and branches lend unique characteristics and style to the piece.

Interior Handrail Design

Interior Handrail Design

The homeowners opted to leave the cedar unfinished to provide a nice contrast to the existing painted drywall and white cabinetry. The lines of these railings add excitement to the aesthetic of the space and make a lovely foil to the other elements of the room. The couch with a nice view of the fireplace, looks like a great place to relax, read a book and enjoy the afternoon sunshine!

Here’s what the homeowner said when he sent in pictures of this relaxing afternoon:

We love it!— Brian

Many homes now have large great rooms with fireplaces and open kitchens so that family and friends can gather together in a larger, more open area. Gone are the days of formal dining rooms and separate living rooms. In homes like these, it is especially important to have a beautiful interior handrail. No brand makes handrails that better fit these rooms than us. Your home, and especially the large rooms where your friends and family gather, should feel comfortable, natural, and add that cozy and homey touch to your home. Many of these interior stair railings will be in direct view of people gathering in the great room so make sure to choose the best to impress by choosing Mountain Laurel Handrails!

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Dark lines on natural wood

Dark lines on natural wood

Interior Railing Designs and Other Uses

If you thought railings were only for outdoor décor, think again! You can easily update an entire room’s look simply by adding handrails to the space, on stairs and balconies. Mountain Laurel Handrails are great on the interior of the home! They are the focal point of any grand home with an exposed stair railing or indoor balcony.

Balcony Railing

Balcony Railing

The handrail design can also be adapted for furniture, allowing your entire home to have a natural wood look. We can make tables, chairs, headboards, room dividers and screens, magazine racks, just about any piece of interior furniture can be made better with woven branches!Let your interior design imagination run wild, and create your perfect home from handrails to furniture.

Interior Railing

Interior Railing

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How to Install Interior Wood Railing

When investing in such an important interior update as handrails, it’s important to do your research and really understand what you’re getting. Interior railings come in many different forms. The most basic handrail, seen on just about every house, is made of 2×2 pickets running straight up and down. The visual effect of this look is equivalent to bars on a window. While a technically effective handrail, this design is simple and forgettable. This pattern really does nothing to enhance the view from your deck or the way it appears to onlookers. There are some interesting geometric patterns that can be made with lumber. Some companies step up their game by going one step further and creating geometric shapes and patters with the lumber. But no square shape can compare to the beauty of the organic and wondrous forms made by woven branches.

Sunburst Branch Railing

Sunburst Branch Railing

Mountain Laurel Handrails are crafted by skilled carpenters who are well-versed in combining disparate pieces into a cohesive whole. The handrail sections pictured about arrive as an easy to install railing kit. Sections are built to custom measurements and each order is unique. When they arrive, simply trim the ends of the sections and slide them into place. Screws are the suggested fastener for securing the interior railings to the posts. These railings endow any home with incomparable and utterly unique works of art!

Balcony and Stairs Railing

Balcony Handrail and Stairs Railing

Beautify your Home

If you are building a timber frame home or log cabin, and are planning on lots of natural elements, most, if not all, of your design elements are going to be made of wood. There is no style of handrail that is even remotely comparable to the natural elegance of these intricate wood patterns. These custom handrails are all custom built and Made in the USA. Enhance the style and decor of your home with the unmatched grace of these handrails. Your beautiful and unique home deserves handrails and furniture that are equally as beautiful and unique. Nothing beats the comfortable, natural feel of these beautiful hand-crafted pieces.

Tall Balcony Railing

Tall Railing

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These beautiful interior railing kits are the focal point of this home. Many homes feature a great room with a stair case and these stair railings and balcony handrails are often the dominant architectural element in the interior. Many places will feature the regular, run of the mill style with evenly spaced vertical placed pieces of wood making up the guard rail. But there are so many other choices that one of the best places to start is by looking at interior railing pictures.

Interior Balcony Railing

Interior Balcony Railing

From a quick internet search, you’d think that all interior railings are made of wrought iron, but there’s so many more options. Metal is a good choice as it is durable and long lasting. But in many regards it’s also very limited. How many different colors does a wrought iron handrail come in? Not very many, as you’re pretty much limited to whatever color the metal is and wrought iron is generally black. So the first limitation is color. Another limitation is that this kind of handrail can be extremely expensive for a custom design. It’s due to the nature of metal being difficult to work, requiring extreme heat, special tools and protective equipment. Metal is also an expensive raw material though many times it is recycled, which is a green plus.

interior railing

Interior Railing

An interior stair railing made of glass is another option. Glass is a great material to combine with other materials. Due to its transparent nature, it can be used to highlight and accentuate other features that might ordinarily be overlooked. Glass works well with steel framing and with wood railing and is a good choice for a material palette.

Interior wood railing does not have to be limited to the same, boring, repetitive pattern. Even with fancy turned balusters, many wood stairs railing still fall into the same design trap of the vertical repeat. Mountain Laurel Handrail is a gorgeous choice for your interior handrail. This creative style is made from branches woven together to create intricate shapes, of which no two are ever exactly alike. Since each tree grows into a unique form, the repetition between handrail sections is eliminated and what emerges is a resplendent beauty.

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27 Responses to Interior Railings

  1. Heather says:

    Linear foot around deck is 40 ft. How many feet long are the pieces? How long are the pieces? How much would the total cost be?

  2. Eric Schaffer says:

    I need A railing for the top ofmy steps indoors.Measurements are 32 inch high by 88 inch long can you please give me an estimate on price.

  3. Douglas Crabb says:

    please send product guide

  4. Gordon Mellema says:

    HI – we are interested in a 8 ft rail fixed into a wall (pine T&groove) on one end and will need a sturdy end post to tie into an oak floor. Can you pls provide a quote. Live in Colorado so not sure about shipping cost thx

  5. Jason wargo says:

    Interested in a quote for an “L” shaped sunburnt branch railing with one end of L roughly 8′ and other end being 2′. Thank you for your time. I live in 44131. Ohio

  6. says:

    We do not have a large massive cabin home but more of a contemporary. We want something without huge beams.

  7. irene rodriguez says:


    interested in the handrail displayed,
    Sunburst Branch Railing, how would i measure to the length you would need for this, and how much.



  8. Jordyn Somerville says:

    I was looking for a rough quote for a 10ft & 7ft section of stair railing please,


  9. Dave Boyd says:

    Do you have a location/store/warehouse where we can see some examples and then talk about our project?

  10. Don says:

    I need a price for the following straight sections: 2 – 2′, 2 -10′, 1- 7′ and a 3′ section on a stair.

    There will be 7 newel posts and 2 rosettes.

    Shipped to Peoria, IL

  11. Jordan Nuhring says:

    I would like to know how much it would be for an 11′ section then it 90’s to left for 3ft section delivered to West Harrison IN

  12. John says:

    I would like to know what the price would be on a 12′ section of interior handrail

    Thanks John

  13. Maria says:

    Looking for a ballpark on 2ea 11ft sections or railing shipped to Athens, OH 45701.


  14. Henry A. Zuckerman says:

    Do your railings meet the 4″ sphere rule of the IRC.? The local inspectors here enforce this code section, no exceptions.

  15. Andy Imro says:

    I am looking for either raw twigs or premade railing sections for a Lake house project.
    I need a 48″, 36″ and 24″ sections for the opening of a spiral staircase.
    I also need approximately 18′ of loose twigs to assemble onsite as railing down the spiral staircase. I have a Top Rail.
    I can also do the railing sections on site as an option.
    Shipped to 15137
    Please advice.

    Thank You, Andy

  16. Steve says:

    Looking for some railing for a log home in Somerset, PA 15501. 25 linear ft of railing. We like the railing in the photos.

  17. Mandy says:

    Would need (3) pcs 46-1/4″, 48-1/8″, and 46-3/8″. How wide are the railings? What would the cost be for these pcs to ship to Lancaster, OH?

  18. John vance says:

    How much for a 15 ft interior section and then stairs sent to Indiana

    Thanks. John

  19. Rebecca says:

    How much for about 15 ft of indoor railing. I really only need the woven branches, I already have the railing.

    Thank you

  20. colten penrod says:

    From southern IL. 62952. Wanted to see bout a qoute for 12ft straight, and 28ft of stairs. Thanks.

  21. Holly Parks says:

    Hi Could you please give me a quote on indoor railing 9 ft 8in long – Can this be made into 2 pieces? I live in Wasilla Alaska 99654
    Thank You!

  22. Regina says:

    Need a quote for two sections…interior railing-7′ long each.

    Thank you!

  23. Skye says:


    Your railings are really unique. Can you email me a quote for approximately 14 lnft of railing? Thank you!

  24. Ashley Williams says:

    interior stair railing with timber and twigs- not too bulky on the railing-sleeker design. Love this. Need a quote for 8-9 feet. I can get actual measurements soon. Would need it shipped to 39577 Wiggins, Mississippi. How hard is this to put together? Looks fairly simple. Can materials be stained? Please let me know. Thank you.

  25. Joanie Atkins says:

    I am looking for a fun unique handrail for our house in Beech Mountain, NC. It measures about 12ft for railing for our little loft. Is it possible for you to price it out for me? Thank you!

  26. Dave Hughes says:


    I’m interested in 9 feet of railing. Do you fill orders this small and can you give a ballpark as to the amount with shipping to Ohio. 45162

    Thanks for your time!


  27. Gail Hinshaw says:

    Looking for 35 feet of indoor railing for a private home. Can you give me some idea of cost?Gail Hinshaw