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Stairs Railing

When building a new home, a detail that is often overlooked is the stair railings. But they are a very important element of the home, essential to travelling from level to level. Often these exterior deck stairs will lead to the backyard. This area can sometimes be manicured into a courtyard or landscaped with plants and bushes.

Clean lines and clean designs


Last year we completed a custom home that had your handrails installed. They look amazing so I wanted to forward you on some pictures of the project. You are welcome to use these pictures if you would like.

The homeowners absolutely love them- they fit in perfectly with their style and are one of a kind.

Thank you,
– Charielle Sowers,
Marketing Coordinator
Owens Homes KC

How to Measure for Stair Handrails

Stairs railings are built to match the angle of your stairs. Measure as shown in the drawing and provide: long-to-short, height measured perpendicular or square to the angle of the stairs, and the angle in degrees. Also include which side of the stair the railing is on as you stand at the bottom and look up.

Use this image to help measure your stair railing.
Use this image to help measure your stair railing.
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Deck stairs railing comes in many different forms. The most basic stair handrail, seen on just about every house, is made with pressure treated lumber with 2×2 pickets running straight up and down. The visual effect of this look is equivalent to bars on a window. This pattern really does nothing to enhance the view from your deck or the way it appears to onlookers. There are some interesting geometric patterns that can be made with lumber. But no square shape can compare to the rustic beauty of the organic and wondrous forms made by woven branches.

Boat House Stair Railing

Mountain Laurel Handrails are crafted by skilled carpenters versed in combining disparate pieces into a cohesive whole. The sections arrive as an easy to install railing kit. Sections are built to custom measurements and each order is unique. When they arrive, simply trim the ends of the sections and slide them into place. Screws are the suggested fastener for securing the top and bottom rail to the posts. These endow any home with incomparable and utterly unique works of art!

balcony railing

Many homes feature a grand staircase as the focal point of a great room. And oftentimes these stairs are finished with precise woodworking. But too often, the handrail for stairs gets overlooked and the balusters end up as boring pickets or turned spindles going up and down from tread to banister. Thoughtful staircase handrails acknowledge that an intricate and beautiful balustrade is the most important factor in the look of a stairway.

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Marietta Georgia stair railing

A truly magnificent staircase hand railing begins like any other, with a well-planned design especially for the stair railings which is often the most visible part. The overall style of the home is the first consideration. Stainless steel cable rails are currently  a popular choice. Some modern architecture calls for glass balusters and floating treads, while some old-world or Tuscan designs might be better served with wrought iron. But really, there is no better choice than Mountain Laurel Handrails. They are custom-built and can be modified to match any staircase design although they are especially suited for stair parts, treads, and risers made of woods like oak, hickory, bamboo or reclaimed wood like heart pine.

North Dakota Lodge Balcony and Stair Railing

After a wood species is chosen for treads, riser, and skirt board, the staircase design can move on to architectural aspects including trim details and the handrails for stairs. Each section is an elaborate trim detail in and of itself a testament to nature’s beauty crafted by a skilled artisan. Also consider the banisters when you’re searching for products. These unique stair railing designs accents the grandeur of any home and give your visitors something to talk about!

Modern stair railing
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We are proud to say that our work has been all across the country. Our clients are looking for work that is expertly crafted and beautifully designed, and our experience speaks well to our ability to achieve both. We are glad that the kind of work we do allows us to service people from all over, and create all kinds of masterpieces. Working with a lot of different homes gives us a lot of insight and perspective into what homeowners are looking for, what kinds of outdoor landscapes we are working with, and how truly unique each home is.

“I was just so excited today after Kenny got most of the rails up and wanted to share a few pictures with you. Our house is in the thick of our remodeling project. Thank you again for the beautiful railings! Everyone who has seen them thus far has been really impressed!”

— Jeri
Grand Stair Railing

The wood timbers and shiplap paneling impose strong linear elements matched counterpoint by the organic and curved shapes staircase handrail. Since each section incorporates many different sticks and branches, each piece takes on a unique look, sure to be an admired part of this grand entry stair. It looks both crafted and natural, a great metaphor for this charming lakeside home.

This level of customization makes for a truly beautiful work of art, something that looks like it was plucked right out of a natural landscape. These kinds of railings are also great for exterior decks and porches, and since the outdoor of this home is a part of its charm, we wanted to give a sense of that within the home as well, almost like bringing that lakeside view into the home!