Deck Railing

Minnesota Deck Railing


A fabulous deck railing is the best way to make a strong visual statement. Mountain Laurel Handrails are unique works of art for your deck. This exterior railing system is unlike any other. With beautiful designs you’re sure to find nowhere else, these handrails will give your deck a fresh new look. A beautiful deck demands outdoor railings unlike any other.

Upstate New York Deck Railing

Upstate New York

Deck Railings are Decoration

Are you looking to upgrade your deck in a grand and amazing way? Painting can be expensive and wear down. Canopies can break and get worn out very easily. If you want to change your deck’s look in a dramatic way, consider starting with the handrails.

Mountain Deck Railing

Highlands, North Carolina

Deck railings are more than something to rest your arms on while chatting with friends during a cookout. They can also be a strong decorative element for your porch and your yard as a whole. So why would you decorate the outdoors with metal or plastic when you could accentuate the natural beauty that surrounds you?

Colorado Deck Railing


Deck Railing Systems for the Home

Mountain Laurel Handrails are made out of real wood and branches, and they really help pull together a natural, beautiful look for your deck. For an interesting look, the branches can be painted a complimentary or contrasting color. The twisting, turning forms of the branches as they intertwine between the top and bottom bars of the railing imitate the manner in which branches combine to make a forest.

Delaware Snowy Deck Railing

Delaware Snowy Day

Also, the natural wood will compliment your wooden deck furniture nicely, as you can have the same look as other things that you use on your deck. Further, each piece has a slightly different design that will give your deck a unique look, setting it apart from every other deck out there.

Porch Railing

Porch Railing

Any part of home improvement is going to present you with too many choices to make, down to the last seemingly insignificant detail. This is absolutely true of deck handrails as well. Sometimes, it is difficult to decide amongst all the deck railing designs that are available. With so many different options, like cable rail, wrought iron, wood railing, glass balusters, and more, it’s little wonder that this can be yet another daunting selection in the home planning process. Luckily, once you see some of the pictures on this site, you’re sure to be interested in the sinuous shapes of woven branch handrails. The shapes and designs are simple yet elegant, classy yet subtle. With such a natural feel, they can match nearly any outdoor décor you may already have

Deck Railings

Deck Railings

These wood deck railings look wonderful with the nice deck furniture. The organic shapes of the railings plus the welcoming outside furnishings make this look like a charming spot for afternoon tea and crumpets. The forest beyond blends with the deck the handrails blur the line between the deck and forest. The natural shapes, colors, and textures feel right at home in any outdoor environment. As the picture shows, they are subtle, yet add a polished feeling to the deck and its furniture.

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The Natural Choice

Atlanta Deck Railing

Atlanta, Georgia

Incorporate natural forms into your deck… Imagine the sinuous shapes of a the sun shining through the trees and these are the shadows you’ll see on your deck after your handrail installation is complete! The idea of natural shapes created by natural light incorporates a feeling of connection with the outdoors. You truly feel like you’re in nature when you’re sitting on your deck!

Carolina Branch Deck Railing

Linville, North Carolina

This interesting selection which will definitely cause people to notice their artistic beauty and incredible style. Every single section is individually crafted so no two are ever the identical and each grows its own distinct pattern to make an exterior railing that is undeniably unique. This is a rarity with most brands these days. To be able to say that any given product is 100% unique is very uncommon. On top of it, to have it be so exquisitely crafted is even better.

lake deck railings

Overlooking the Lake at Lissara

For most homeowners, the way their house presents from the outside is very important. Deck handrail is an extremely visible part of an outside deck. Simply by adding or upgrading, you can completely transform the way your house looks from the outside. The best deck railings will transform a dull deck into an fascinating element of any dwelling. Take into consideration the diverse selections which are available and you’ll find other choices for deck handrail.

Wood Deck Railing

Wood Deck Railing

Perfect Deck Railing System

You have found the perfect outdoor railing for adorning your home with natural outdoor beauty. This is the system of choice for homes with grand rustic style. They are all custom made to your measurements and can be built to fit any conditions, even joined to round logs with intricate joinery and used as a stair railing outdoors. Since each project is made to order, you can choose the lumber species for the boards, usually this will be the same selection as your posts. The default choice is Western Red Cedar, but other popular choices include: Ipe, Yellow Pine, Oak, White Pine, and even composite lumber. Sticks are often reclaimed from land clearing adding a green touch.

Deck Handrail in Oklahoma

Deck Handrail in Oklahoma

Only the most skilled of carpenters are able to create such wondrous beauty from these sticks and branches which far surpasses aluminum railing products. It requires a tremendous spatial depth perception to figure out how to assemble the sticks into artistic, eye pleasing shapes. Mountain Laurel Handrails can be used outdoors as a patio railing. They are a natural fit for a log cabin or timber frame home. And their rustic character adds a certain style to homes that choose to display the jewelry that is these railings. They are perfectly at home in an outdoor setting where they disappear into the surrounding natural beauty. There is really no other railing product that compares!

Deck Railing Wyoming


Take time to consider which type of guardrail and balusters would make the most impact on your design, as well as reflect your personality. Deck railings are an important part of making sure your outdoors spaces are safe, but it doesn’t mean they have to be boring. When doing any home construction or remodeling project, it is wise to seek the assistance of a skilled design professional to work with on your project. Mountain Laurel Handrails come preconstructed, and you simply need to install the individual sections on your deck. Suddenly, you have a fully detailed railing that will impress your friends and family alike. Break away from boring, staid designs and move to something exciting and sensual! Incorporate the shapes of nature in your deck and enjoy the beauty all year long!

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Deck Handrails

Deck Handrails

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  1. Betty Johnson says:

    Product guide with price

  2. Treacy McTier says:

    Would love a product guide and prices.

  3. leslie geier says:

    Please send me a product guide with prices

  4. Jennifer Kling says:

    8 foot section cost please? New Richmond Wisconsin

  5. Glenn Jeans says:

    Would like a quote on just the mountain laurel vertical branches. Do you just sell and ship the branches themselves? This is a very beautiful idea and will be staying in a cabin in Blur Ridge this fall that has them.

  6. Lisa Altman says:

    I am getting ready to order some railings from you. What information do you need to get started?

  7. Shanna Frick says:

    I would love to get a product guide with prices. Thanks

  8. Joe Egan says:

    Do your railings comply with building codes?
    Specifically for gaps being less than 4″ and resisting a force of 200 lbs in any direction.

  9. Jarrod Hatalowich says:

    I need a quote for two 8 ft railings and 2 6 ft railings delivery to charleroi pa 15022 also a separate quote for 4 ten foot sections and I am anchoring them to stone pillars will not needs posts

  10. Debra Rankin says:

    I would love to get a product guide with prices. We are planning on adding to a deck overlooking a river. These look perfect!!

  11. Jerrie says:

    Do you have a per ft price. I am in nevada

  12. This is a gorgeous railing design! I am a huge fan of decorative railings. I have some very old wooden railings on my porch right now that are in terrible condition. I would like to replace them with something that will last much longer.

  13. William Passmore says:

    I have recently bought a cabin/chalet (about 10 yrs. old) with mtn. laurel porch railings. The vertical/angled laurel is in good shape, but the horizontal pieces, not laurel, is weathered and sad-looking. I want to replace the horizontals with mill-sawn wood of some sturdy, long-lasting wood. However, I am going to be short of enough mtn. laurel to fill in between the horizontals. Do you sell just the mtn. laurel pieces? If so, by weight or length or what other factor? Thanks. WP

  14. kathy shannon says:

    if draw out a pattern can you duplicate it using branches. Are there different types of branches to choose from, species and diameter? Do you ship anywhere?

  15. Cindy Kenny says:

    Hi just wodering if you can give me an approx price per metre thanks

  16. Tammy Visich says:

    Looking for an estimate of (12) 5′ sections shipped to NJ 07675.

  17. Steve says:

    estimate please for two sections of rail. 12′ and 8′. also do you sell the laurel wood by itself so we can design ourselves?

  18. J. Vander Vliet says:

    I would like a quote for 2 15′ sections of mountain laurel railings for a flat backyard bridge. Thank you.

  19. William Queen says:

    I would like a quote for mountain laural 28’9” of front porch railing between existing posts (100″, 99 1/2″, 90″, and 55 1/2″ sections). Delivery to be in Cherokee, NC. Thank you.

  20. Bill DeMaio says:

    Looking for an esimate on 10 sections at 6′ wide x 30″ high.


  21. chris wallace says:

    looking for a price for some of the rails please,would need 2 at 145cm in overall length and I have another piece of decking which is 300cm in length by 360cm width with an opening of 100cm in the middle of the 360cm,i actually live in Scotland,Aberdeenshire AB42

  22. Samuel says:

    Pricing on railing for a 136′ of wrap around porch sections are 8′ between 4x4s. We are located in Frametown, WV.

  23. James Beal says:

    Would like to get a price on your handrailings
    Is there a of price or what

  24. Sandra LaPage says:

    Hi, just wondering what an 8ft section would cost. Trying to figure out if I can afford this type of railing.

  25. Chrissy Nunes says:

    could you give me an estimate for a deck which sides I need to rail off at approximate measurements of: 14ft 7″ & 8ft 7″ & 1ft 9″ & 1ft 4″

  26. Chad hicks says:

    I’m interested in the rough cost per foot of your railing with the branches. I have a log home and need to redo the balisters.

  27. Barbee Decker says:

    Hi Ken,
    We would like a rough estimate for our deck rails.
    Our estimation of length based on our blueprints is 66 feet.
    Do you allow people to pick up the rails as opposed to having them delivered?
    It looks like you are in NC. We live in South Central, NC.

    If we could pick them up to save on the delivery fee, that would be great.
    If not, our delivery city and state is West End, NC 27376.

    Thanks so much!

  28. Gayle Quinn says:

    Would like to see a brochure with pricing.

  29. Bruce Brown says:

    Saw your handrails and chairs and thought they would be perfect on the front porch of our to be built arts and crafts style home in Calabash, NC. Beautiful work. Thanks.

  30. peter says:

    can I get a price for 7 ea 55″ panels and 4 each 48″ panels
    to Norther CA

  31. peter says:

    can i get a price for 7 each 55″ panels and 4 each 48″
    panels shipped to lake tahoe ca

  32. Rob says:

    Your railings look great can I get an idea on pricing.

  33. Ken Gabriel says:

    Can you mail us a catalog/pricesheet for exterior railing for deck stair? Thank you!