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Minnesota Lake Home Deck Railing

A fabulous railing is the best way to make a strong visual statement on the exterior of your residential home. Mountain Laurel Handrails are unique works of art and an exterior railing system unlike any other. With beautiful designs you’re sure to find nowhere else, these handrails will give your house a fresh new look. A beautiful deck with a great view demands outdoor railings unlike any other.

We love our new deck with our Mountain Laurel Railings! We get compliments on them often. Thanks for checking on our results. I’m sending you a couple of photos we took this fall.

- Joy Wright

Upstate New York Deck Railing
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Deck Railing Wyoming

What is code for deck railing?

Deck handrails are more than a place to rest a drink during a cookout. They need to be strong and safe. Code varies by jurisdiction so always consult your local building department and code enforcement office!

Here are some typical code requirements:
— 36″ height; sometimes up to 42″
— No space greater than a 4″ sphere can pass through
— 50lbs/sqft on the balusters
— Posts and center of span withstand 200lb point load

Deck Railing Installed in Colorado

Systems and Kits for the Home

Winter Wonderland Wood Railing

Mountain Laurel Handrails are made out of real wood and branches, and they really help pull together a natural, beautiful look for your deck. For an interesting look, the branches can be painted a complimentary or contrasting color. The twisting, turning forms of the branches as they intertwine between the top and bottom bars of the railing imitate the manner in which branches combine to make a forest.

Deck Railings

How much does deck railing cost?

There are many considerations in the building and remodeling process and railing selection is certainly important. Standard builder grade railings serve a purpose and can be made quickly and easily with readily available pressure treated wood material for sometimes as little as $5/lf installed. On the other hand, compare with custom wrought iron installations that can cost upwards of $200/lf for custom designs. With a whole range of selections between, it is hard to nail down an exact price beforehand. For some inspiration, check out these deck railing ideas.

carolina branch railing

The Natural Choice

Incorporate natural forms into your design aesthetic… Long spans of handrail are not advisable since regular posts are required for strength and support. These intermediate posts that hold up a handrail and not, for example, a porch are called newel posts. Here, we used a mountain laurel log about four inches in diameter as a newel post.

Balusters are the parts of a railing that connect the bottom and top rails to make a structural panel. The interconnected nature of the typical railing gives it additional lateral strength. Balusters are typically repetitive architectural elements. The standard deck rails found on houses across the USA use 2×2 PT lumber for the balusters. They run up and down from a PT 2×4. Other handrail systems use different material like glass, steel, wire, iron, cable, branches, metal …. as long as it can withstand the elements. Check out our Glossary for more definitions.

Take into consideration the diverse selections which are available and you’ll find choices are plentiful. The above picture shows a decorative deck railing that we offer as an alternative to the typical style. These are picture framed sections and requires additional lumber and labor on site but the results are worth it! Lissara style sections work best with many similarly sized openings.

Winter Wonderland Wood Railing

Perfect System

You have found the perfect outdoor railing for adorning your home with natural outdoor beauty. This is the system of choice for homes with grand rustic style. They are all custom made to your measurements and can be built to fit any conditions, even joined to round logs with intricate joinery and used as a stair railing outdoors. Since each project is made to order, you can choose the lumber species for the boards, usually this will be the same selection as your posts. The default choice is Western Red Cedar, but other popular choices include: Ipe, Yellow Pine, Oak, White Pine, and even composite lumber. Sticks are often reclaimed from land clearing adding a green touch.

Deck Handrail in Oklahoma

 Mountain Laurel Handrails come preconstructed, and you simply need to install the individual sections between your posts. Suddenly, you have a fully detailed railing that will impress your friends and family alike. Break away from boring, staid designs and move to something exciting and sensual! Incorporate the shapes of nature in your deck and enjoy the beauty all year long!

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Exterior Deck Railing
Exterior Railing

This is what the homeowner, Tommy, had to say about his exterior hand railing:

This project started as a 450 SF cottage. Then I added a utility room and single car garage to make probably 900 SF. I used old tin and bark siding plus twig rails to get the look I wanted! The rails came in the specified color and turned out great! Thanks James, I’m looking for another project and I tell everyone I went in woods and made myself!

— Tommy
External Handrails
External Handrails