Mountain Laurel Headboard

I just want to say thanks to House Tweaking and be different, act normal for sharing my work. I think it’s awesome that you picked up on the cool things that we’re making!

rustic headboard

Rustic Mountain Laurel Headboard

We just finished making this queen size headboard. It was shipped to California along with section of wood railing and sticks for a stairs banister. There’s plenty going on here with the rustic wood furniture. and I’ll have some new items to share soon…

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Updated on January 16, 2017 by jimmypader

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4 Responses to Mountain Laurel Headboard

  1. andria says:

    I adore your art! this was exactly what I was dreaming about! could it be done with birch in the middle instead of the branches, and we would need it in king, coudl we have a price range? so excited.

    smiles Andria

    • wood railing says:

      We could use birch but it wouldn’t have the same character. Birch grows quite straight unlike the mountain laurel which grows naturally into all kinds of interesting shapes. The legs on this one are also mountain laurel but much larger diameter than the smaller branches.

  2. Rustic Crafts says:

    I love this headboard. I am adding your site to my list of liked sites on facebook!