Wood Railing on Man Caves

Wood Railing ¬†will appear on tomorrow’s episode of Man Caves on the DIY Network. On March 23, 2012 at 9PM, you can watch as Mountain Laurel Handrails are installed on the first exterior Man Cave in suburban New Jersey. The homeowner needed a retreat and was looking for a theme that echoed his South African heritage. Mountain Laurel Handrails artistic rustic appeal made them a perfect fit for this episode. Watch as the Wood Railing team gets to work with the Man Caves crew and gets help from Tony on the installation.


Wood Railing Man Cave

Wood Railing Company Owner and the Man Cave Trailer

We had a great time working with the Man Caves crew and being involved in a TV project. So be sure to check it out Friday, March 23 at 9PM on the DIY Network!


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