Wavy Stair Banister

The latest work of art to come out of the Wood Railing workshop is a custom made and designed wavy stair banister. This banister emerged from the client’s ideas and will grace the staircase of her newly remodeled home. The wavy shape is meant to mimic the rise and run of the stairs. Close work between the homeowner, on-site contractor and Wood Railing workshop was required to ensure a good fit upon arrival.

Wavy Stair Banister

Wavy Stair Banister

Banisters are important on stair cases as a handhold for stability to prevent falls. This banister is cut from a single piece of lumber. The rough shape was made with two different-sided circular saws and a belt sander. The banister was reinforced with drilled, countersunk and plugged 4″ screws for extra strength. The finish was worked with an orbital sander to 220 grit and the homeowner will finish the piece on site. The shape is a 2″ diameter which was required by local building code for graspability requirements.

The Wood Railing workshop is available for custom stair banister work in addition to Mountain Laurel Handrails.

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