Laurel Stairs Banister

This is one of the newest creations to come out of the Wood Railing workshop. This is truly one awesome rustic railing section. The top rail is a round mountain laurel stick that is about four inches in diameter at the base and tapers to about two inches at the top. This section is for a stair way so the top is a laurel banister that is going to add an awesome touch to this already lovingly decorated and designed home!

Laurel Banister and Railing

Laurel Banister and Railing

There’s another triangular section that completes the top of the stair case along with this section and a short section built by the homeowner at the foot of the stairs. There are also two other sections going in a different part of the house. Those two sections were made with the 2×4 boards horizontal instead of the typical vertical. The horizontal 2×4 design is NOT recommend for exterior use because the assembly will pool water at the ends of the stick instead of allowing extra moisture to drain and dry.

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Updated on March 2, 2014 by jimmypader

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