Mountain Laurel Branch Banister

Laurel Branch Banister

Laurel Branch Banister

Hi James,

Attached are 3 pictures. I really don’t feel they do your beautiful handiwork justice because the railing is going down a basement stair and the lighting is not too good. If you ever wanted to come over and photograph for yourself that would be wonderful.

We’ve used the wall over the railing as a kind of Folk Art Gallery and everyone always comments on the railing. Let me know what you think. I loved looking at the new website. The home in Vermont is just gorgeous.

The end piece which “swoops” is my favorite feature. We love it.


Rustic Branch Banister

Rustic Branch Banister

Add Art to Railings with Mountain Laurel Branch Banister

Mountain Laurel Banisters for stairs are a unique twist on traditional horizontal rails. The curved lines of the laurel branches add pizzazz to any porch, deck or fence, and make a distinctive statement indoors as well as out.

Our designs are perfect for your country home or cabin, beach cottage or Texas ranch house. The unique designs also work well in formal settings, softening, the atmosphere and adding a touch of whimsy to your surroundings.

As long as you are passionate about making your humble home extra beautiful, you can pretty much add anything you want. One of the things that can make houses ordinary is the railings. There are a lot of choices in the market today to beautify railings, but nothing beats the classic old way of putting up the Mountain Laurel Banisters, which is a distinct twist over the usual horizontal rails.

Frames and Railings Made Out of Laurel Wood

To create a one of a kind indoor setting, highlight the distinctive rails with a natural banister created from laurel wood. A banister can also be mounted on the wall for use as a quilt rack, or as a spot to hang your collectibles. The homeowner who shared these pictures placed one under her folk art collection to accent the style. Consider including a section of laurel rails as part of your own home gallery. The distinctive curved patterns of the laurel branches create a work of art worthy of framing.

Mountain Laurel Branch Banister

Mountain Laurel Branch Banister

You can even specify the kind of designs that you like to fill your house with, or if you do not have the faintest idea how the Mountain Laurel Banister works, you can ask the staff to show you their best designs or let them take a look at your house so that they can think of designs that will fit your house.

It should not only be limited to houses. Since they are basically designed for any structures, they can beautify beach cottages, cabin or country home, or your old ranch house. There are also unique designs that balance well with formal settings, which soothe the ambiance and create a softening atmosphere.

To make a unique kind of indoor setting, the best way is to highlight the rails with banisters that are naturally created with laurel wood. These can also be used to build a quilt rack and mounted on the wall. It can also be used as a spot in your house where you can hang all your collectibles. Turn all your boring elements into something decorative with the laurel wood banisters. Even your own painting collection can be framed with laurel branches.

Hand Made Products Ready to Use

Mountain Laurel also produces eclectic chairs and coffee tables. Each order is built specifically to your needs, and is delivered ready to use. Our unique hand made products will set your nest apart from the rest. Come home to Mountain Laurel!

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