Branch Banister and Sunburst Railing

A custom railing from Mountain Laurel Handrails will add unique style to your home. This incredible branch banister is the unique architectural element that defines this stair. At the top of the stairs, you’re greeted by a Mountain Laurel Handrail in the sunburst pattern with a Mountain Laurel Newel Post to finish the installation.

Though the long railing was quite a challenge for the carpenters, we are quite happy with them. Thank you.

Attached are a few shots.

Branch Banister on Stairs

Branch Banister on Stairs

Branch Banister with Sunburst Railing

Branch Banister with Sunburst Railing

Sunburst Pattern Branch Railing

Sunburst Pattern Branch Railing

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Updated on October 10, 2018 by jimmypader

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3 Responses to Branch Banister and Sunburst Railing

  1. Jay Heublein says:

    I so love the look of your banisters but, but most look like they aren’t even close to the IBC safety standards for openings. Do people just not care about their children and grandchildren, or is there some work around? Or is it just the photos make it look that way?

    • jimmypader says:

      It’s the photos that make it look that way. There will be quite a lot of distortion because of perspective. Plus, some openings may have a dimension that is more than 4″ in a single dimension. The requirement is a 4″ sphere so the typical railing has spaces which are about 3.5″ by 25″. In the pictures, there’s also an element of optical illusion where your brain is expecting a 4″ grid so a 3″ by 7″ opening will be read as too big.

  2. Cathy Graham says:

    Mr. Pader,

    I am looking for a waivy-type handrailing (the one that attaches to the wall by itself). I don’t have the exact measurements but will get those shortly. Can you tell me how it is priced and if it is the type that is shipped in sections and assembled by the purchaser.

    Thanks so much,