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Artistic Stairs
Treehouse Railings With Lighting

Mountain Laurel Transforms Your Home

Mountain Laurel Handrails Against A Bright Pink Sunset
A Deck With A View

Today, not many people take the time to slow down and enjoy the finer things in life. Whether it’s the warm, inviting refuge offered by a roaring fireplace, or refreshingly cool fall air, the connection to one’s environment can calm even the busiest minds.


Here at Mountain Laurel Handrails, we offer naturally-inspired railing designs. Whether you’ve got a fantastic idea for a porch with curved railing or want to take your interior to the next level with our indoor stair and balcony railings, Mountain Laurel Handrails will ensure your needs are taken care of. 


Below you will see not only how artistic railing can add to the visual intrigue of your home, but also how it can help make your space more peaceful and enjoyable than before. We included some project photos to show how the right railing choice can be the final touch that brings aesthetic unity to an already beautiful space.

Unify Your Home & The Great Outdoors

Many of us like to partake in nature’s soothing and peaceful presence. To create an outdoor space, such as a deck or patio, that allows you to be immersed in nature without infringing on it may feel like a challenge. Many designs include harsh lines and highly processed materials that are so far removed from natural scenery. This Oklahoma home seems to have struck the perfect balance. This home features a screened-in porch as well as an upscale standing tent on the deck. The perfect places to take in the sights and sounds of the outdoors, while still being able to kick back and relax!

Artistic Railings on Rustic Chic Oklahoma Home
Final Touch For Rustic Chic Home

To achieve this, the designers included shrubbery and landscaping that reaches the edges of the home, rather than sectioning it off with concrete or pavement. They also softened up the stark lines of the house itself by incorporating organic shapes with their railing.


Each section of these handrails has a different eye-catching pattern.  The natural twists and bends of Mountain Laurel branches offer different possibilities for what a railing can look like. These trees, also known as Kalmia latifolia, have historically been regarded as a long-lasting, sturdy, and elegant material choice for railing balusters.

The artistic railings on the exterior balconies coordinate seamlessly with those in the interior for a cohesive look. That’s the beauty of Mountain Laurel Handrails – whether inside or out, they provide a balance that can’t be matched. A warm and natural wood railing in the form of branches gives the balcony and stairway a soft and organic appearance.

Artistic Handrails Brighten Up Any Space

Artistic Railings
Artistic Railings


Artistic railings on this home’s  multilevel balconies are a creative showpiece. This custom home design was in need of equally unique railings. Notice how the flow of the branches convey spaciousness by opening up the view to the lower and upper balconies. Instead of looking at a half wall or boring vertical balusters, visitors focus their gaze on artistic twig and branch railings.


As a finishing touch, a long mountain laurel branch with its natural curve serves as a banister along the foyer steps. The choice to use a banister made from the same mountain laurel material ensures that there is no clash in the design’s colors or shapes.


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Interior Handrails
Mountain Laurel Handrail, The Artistic Option


While the railings functions as a divider and safety feature for this split-level, sunken room, they bring so much more. The underlying appeal is that the railings offer a way to incorporate subtle works of art into a space.


Take another look at the railings on the lower level. Notice anything? These railing sections are specially in our Sunburst pattern. Twigs cluster in the center on the bottom rail and then flare up and out, creating the impression of rays of light or an outward movement. The Sunburst pattern was inspired by the shapes of the branches, and utilizes their curvature for a whole new look!


Railings That Blend In With Nature

One of the amazing things about railings that we offer that you might not even think about is how they catch the light at various times throughout the day. As each day progresses, the character of the handrail also changes since the light strikes every part of the railing differently.


Many homeowners like to incorporate various components into the design of their homes that have a natural and almost life-like quality to them. The railing on your stairs and deck is no different. They may fail to get that look if they use steel, iron, or glass for this purpose, as these materials tend to have an overly uniform and manufactured look. That monotony in design can lead to a more predictable and less intriguing end result. Artistic stair railings like the ones pictured below are an amazing way to add curb appeal to a home.

Lissara Style Handrails On An Outdoor Stone Staircase
Lissara Railings For An Elegant Stone Staircase

Some homeowners collect and display artwork throughout their home. It’s a great way to express personality to guests. They often search for these designs to make their living place look like an ideal symbol of art. The customers we delivered these handrails to were more than pleased, as it meshes together perfectly with the rest of their home. Take a look at the antler chandelier above this staircase. The craggy shapes and curves of the antlers could not be more perfectly matched to the complementary shapes of the mountain laurel! Organic design is best done when there is consistency and flow throughout the space, and these designers clearly hit it on the nose.

Modern Indoor Railing
Artistic Cabin Railings

 Carpenters working in woodshops nestled in the Smoky Mountains produce magnificent custom railing for your deck, balcony, and stairs. In this picture, you can see the railing giving the home a classical and organic look. What could have just been straight metal balustrades has instead become an integral part of the design and personality of the home.


In the morning or evening, while drinking your coffee or tea, sitting near these creative works, you can benefit from the unique atmosphere that is your home. Whether your project entails artistic stairs, balconies, decks, or partitions, Mountain Laurel Handrail has the expertise and reliability needed to make your dreams a reality.


Whether you’re headed down the stairs and out the door to work, or sitting on the deck with your morning coffee, you deserve an environment that reminds you of what’s truly important.

Safe, Functional, and Artistic

Artistic Deck Railings
Artistic Deck Railings

Railings like these on interior and exterior balconies, stairs, decks, and more are much more than just a safety element. They make for an incredibly attractive and one-of-a-kind design feature.

Mountain Laurel Handrails can help you determine the perfect dimensions for your railing project. We even offer comprehensive installation information that will help you during the installation process of your railing. You can choose the height and width of the railing as per your need and choice.

 We have resources to help ensure you order the properly sized materials.

Mountain Laurel railing, with its aesthetic form and appearance, serves many purposes simultaneously. Apart from enhancing the elegance and grace of a project, they offer unique aesthetic sensibilities. Mountain Laurel Handrails hold up to the hottest of summers and the snowiest of winters and last many years. If you’re a fan of both art and nature, these products are an amazing way to enhance the beauty of any building.

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