Stick Finish Options

Laurel Sticks Stained

Laurel Sticks Stained

The results on this project speak for themselves! The homeowner went with an ipe decking but wanted a contrast for the railing lumber which is rough sawn red cedar 2x4s. The railings are finished on site with rough sawn cedar 1x4s and the top plate is a 1×6 ipe decking board. The sticks on this railing are stained with Cabots Exterior Deck Stain in the Natural color. This helps preserve and enhance the natural red color of the mountain laurel sticks. It also darkens them and adds some shine.

Stained Laurel Sticks

Stained Laurel Sticks

Stain on Mountain Laurel Sticks

Stain on Mountain Laurel Sticks



A common question about Mountain Laurel Handrails is, “What does the mountain laurel look like when it weathers?” Well, it looks a lot like a piece of cedar that turns silver with exposure to the sun. But, since pictures are worth a thousand words, here are some pictures of mountain laurel that has weathered to a silver color.

weathered mountain laurel

Weathered Mountain Laurel in Full Sun

This picture is of weathered and silver mountain laurel with full sun shining. The next picture is with partial sun and shade.

weathered mountain laurel

Weathered Mountain Laurel in Sun and Shade



Some of you might remember a recent wood deck railings project I posted that was installed at the Summer House in Highlands, NC. I passed by there recently and noticed that the painters had been through and work was about complete on their new Idea House Showroom. The sticks and branches on these custom railings have been painted to match the color scheme. I love this picture with the timber frame porch railings in front with the green of the forest beyond.

Painted Branch Railing

Decorative Railing

Railing Section with Painted Branches

The left picture shows a wood railing section before it was delivered. Each section was carefully painted before being delivered. It’s quite time consuming and requires a delicate hand to avoid errors. But painting the sticks is a great way to get the look that perfectly matches your colored schemes. Sticks can also be stained and this is another good way to add another level of customization to your Mountain Laurel Handrail project.

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deck railing

Corner Post Railings

I seriously just noticed that these railings were repainted after we installed them. In the picture directly above you can see that the cedar 2x4s have been painted a light gray but in the pictures after all work on the project had been complete, the lumber is a much brighter white to match the windows and doors. I think this looks much nicer than the original color which would have matched the color of the posts. The white lumber gives the sticks plenty of contrast to set them off!

timber frame porch decorative railing

Sunlit Porch

The designer on this project has a strong eye for detail and color. She brought together many local crafters to work on this project. She also keeps many of these items available in her store and is ready to help with design and decor suggestions and ideas. On the right is another picture when there was snow on the ground. White snow and the evergreen forest make a great backdrop.

exterior handral

Mountain Laurel Handrail with Painted Branches



New pictures have just arrived of a stairwell railing. For this project, the lumber is stained dark walnut and the branches have been painted off-white for an absolutely stunning effect. I really like how this turned out. What do you think?

Dark Walnut Stained Wood Railing with Painted Branches

Dark Walnut Stained Wood Railing with Painted Branches

Painted Branch Mountain Laurel Handrail

Painted Branch Mountain Laurel Handrail

Straight and simple rails stained in mocha make a stunning contrast to the silvery white branches that form balusters. Together, these elements create an abstract piece of art. Then, to bring on the holiday cheer, the homeowner decorates the balcony railing with bright, colorful lights wrapped in garland.

Railing with Christmas Lights

Railing with Christmas Lights

Just sent some pictures of my beautiful railing. Everyone has to comment when they see it.
Truly unique and perfect for our beach home. Earthy and perfect !

Blessings !!!

Railing with Holiday Lights

Railing with Holiday Lights

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6 Responses to Stick Finish Options

  1. Holly Millican says:

    James, we are very aware of IPE as our log cabin in Wyoming has a very large deck made of IPE. This is our second home with an IPE deck and the boards will never need to be replaced. We considered the Laurel branch panels at first but went with character logs and balusters for outside. The interior will have the laurel branches but not sure which style yet. Will let you know soon!

  2. Randy Owen says:

    I would like price on Black Locust Mountain Laurel Railing for my new home. I have a drawing with measurements

  3. Cheryl says:

    I would really like a price list on your railings!

  4. cinda jones says:

    can you tell me what is the life span of these railings outside?

  5. Anne Belanger says:

    Actually I really like them on that house. My house is a log home and laurel railings are perfect for it.

  6. Linwood Hoffman says:

    If you want to paint this type of work fine, but more contrasting colors are needed. the colors are so close that in some pictures they appear to look like each other.