Mountain Laurel Handrail Installation Instructions

Mountain Laurel Handrail preassembled sections are built according to your post-to-post measurements and the 2x4s are left one inch long. When the order arrives, rest sections on 2×4 blocks on edge, scribe the ends of the top and bottom rails to match the posts, slide the section into place and fasten with screws. 1×4 are installed with finish nails to sandwich the ends of the sticks at top and bottom. To finish, a 2×6 is installed as a top cap, placing all screws and fasteners to be hidden.

Click here to see pictures of preassembled sections.

Installation Instructions

  1. Remove sections from package.
  2. Place 2×4 blocks on edge by posts.
  3. Place sections on blocks by posts.
  4. Mark ends of sections and cut to fit.
  5. Slide sections into place.
  6. Screw to post with appropriate size screw.
  7. Cut 1x4s (not included) to size.
  8. Use finish nail gun to nail 1×4 into fatter diameter sticks.
  9. Screw or nail to posts.
  10. Cut 2×6 top cap (not included) to length.
  11. Use trim head screws and angle upwards through the 2×4 and 1×4 into the bottom of the 2×6 for a fastener free top.
  12. Also screw the 2×6 into the posts as possible.
Rustic Wood Railing Section Drawing

Rustic Wood Railing Section Drawing

These wood railing designs are easy to install! On site, the sections are cut to fit and installed with screws. Lumber is s4s red cedar and is painted or stained to match your color selection prior to assembly. Railing sections are 31″ tall to allow for toe clearance and a 2×6 top rail for a total installed height of 36”.

Preassembled sections are only the inner 2x4s with laurel branches attached. The outer 1x4s and 2×6 top rail are assembled on site. 6×6 post is recommended. For 4×4 post, we will use a 1×4 in place of the 2×4 for a finished width of 3″.

Preassembled stair railings must be well measured to ensure code compliance. The bottom rail can rest directly on a tread if no more than a 6″ sphere can pass through the opening created and this is a function of the rise and run of the stair. If the post is inline with the stringer, this is the method to choose. It is necessary to know the angle of the stairs and the overall height of the rail from top of top 2×4 to bottom of bottom 2×4.

If the desired look is where the branches are attached to the side of the stringer, this can also be achieved with preassembled rail. This is also dependent on the posts being set to the side of the stair stringer. Crucial measurements are again the overall height from top of top to bottom of bottom and the angle of the stair in degrees.

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2 Responses to Mountain Laurel Handrail Installation Instructions

  1. David Hall says:

    Hello, we are considering using your Mountain Laurel Handrails inside our new home we are building. We would like to see some samples of the branches used so we can evaluate the color of the branches. We assume the branch color is what it is and that you can seal them. We are concerned that the natural color of the branches may not fit in with the colors of our home. Can the branches be stained to match the stain of the wood top and side rails and posts?
    Let us know if you can send us samples to review.
    Than you
    Dave and Mary Hall

  2. Michelle Ray says:

    Please email me your product guide.

    Thank you