Exterior Railings

exterior railings

Exterior railings

Exterior railingsĀ are one of the defining elements of the facade of a home. Each style of home has a outdoor railing that fits it best, though, more and more homes are blending railing designs. Mountain laurel handrails are made by master craftsmen and are a great rustic look. This railing design is based on a traditional form found in the Great Smoky Mountains of Western North Carolina. Modern craftsmen have improved on this form with joinery and preparation techniques to ensure a beautiful exterior railing that will draw compliments from everyone that see them. This stair railing is one example of how many different elements can be included that use the mountain laurel wood. The center post of the stairs railing is a larger stick that supports the handrail. The branches come all the way down the side of the stairs and blend the structure with its surrounding. Behind the stairs, sticks extend from the stair all the way to the underneath of the deck. I especially like how the dappled sunlight further blurs the distinction between nature and the built environment.

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