Framed Mountain Laurel Branch Art

There are thousands of different furniture creations that are possible when working with mountain laurel branches and ultimately, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination. The pictures below show more Mountain Laurel Rustic Furniture or decorations that the Wood Railing workshop can create for your home. Mountain Laurel framed branch art is perfect for any available space on the walls of your home and adds to any rustic, mountain appearance.

Framed Mountain Laurel Art

As you can see, the framed mountain laurel art would compliment any of the pieces of furniture that we have available and would be a perfect addition to any mountain home.

Rustic Mountain Laurel Picture FramesThese “frames” come in any size or shape imaginable and are truly unique works of art.

Rustic Wood FrameRustic Mountain Frame Large
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Updated on February 6, 2015 by jimmypader

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3 Responses to Framed Mountain Laurel Branch Art

  1. Dan miller says:

    Jim, it’s like nature they fit into we’re ever where we are or go! Bring us closer to Nature! And rest our souls.

  2. Jim Pader says:

    Dear Jimmy:
    Being your father I should be able to accept your talents routinely, but the freshness of your art-in-wood ideas continues to delight me. Now, I’m looking forward in anticipation to
    “what’s next?”
    Love, Dad

    • Roy Knight says:

      Those are Beautiful frames of art thanks I still need a cost for 2@12’for the wood iron to bolt three columns standard height on a wooden deck. In Sherman TX. Thanks Sincerely Roy L Knight