Porch Railing for Hewn Log Cabin

Hewn logs are cut with an adze or axe and have a rough look. This style is somewhere between a milled D-log and a whole round log. It’s a traditional style that pairs nicely with Mountain Laurel Handrails as seen in this porch railing picture. These log home deck railings¬†went to Missouri. The small fans installed on the porch are an interesting break from the staid ceiling fan. The red trim on the deck is mimicked on the top rail which looks like a 1×8. Beginning with design, this house pulled it all together and has the best handrail!

Hewn Log Porch Railing

Hewn Log Porch Railing

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Updated on March 2, 2014 by jimmypader

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One Response to Porch Railing for Hewn Log Cabin

  1. I love the creativity you express in your railings