Handrails for Stairs

stair handrail and antler chandelier

Stair Handrail & Antler Chancelier

Many homes feature a grand staircase as the focal point of a great room. And oftentimes these stairs are finished with precise woodworking. But too often, the handrail for stairs gets overlooked and the balusters end up as boring pickets or turned spindles going up and down from tread to banister. A thoughtful staircase design acknowledges that an intricate and beautiful balustrade is the most important factor in the look of a stairway.

Stair Handrail

Stair Handrail

A truly magnificent staircase begins like any other, with a well-planned staircase design. The overall style of the home is the first consideration. Some modern architecture calls for glass balusters and floating treads, while some old-world or Tuscan designs might be better served with wrought iron handrail. But for log home, timber frame and other rustic and mountain styled buildings, there is no better choice than Mountain Laurel Handrails. These custom handrails can be modified to match any staircase design although they are especially suited for stair parts, treads, and risers made of woods like oak, hickory, bamboo or reclaimed wood like heart pine

After a wood species is chosen for treads, riser, and skirt board, the staircase design can move on to architectural aspects including trim details and the handrails for stairs. Each section of Mountain Laurel Handrail is an elaborate trim detail in and of itself a testament to nature’s beauty crafted by a skilled artisan. These unique stair railing designs accents the grandeur of any home and give your visitors something to talk about!

Interior Stair Handrail

Interior Stair Handrail

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  1. Valerie Duckett says:

    Beautiful! Interested in purchasing for my contemporary home