Rustic Wood Railing

Rustic Wood Railing

Rustic Wood Railing

When choosing a rustic wood railing for your home, there are, as usual, many options. A common sight on log homes is the turned log baluster. This is commonly a pine, or sometimes a white cedar, turned round about 3 inches to 4″ diameter. They are often connected to round top and bottom horizontal rails with a mortise and tenon joint. (This is an advanced woodworking technique where two pieces of wood are joined by fitting the end of one into a hole on the other.) The top and bottom rails are also often round logs but are usually a larger diameter.

rustic wood railing

Rustic Wood Railing

Mountain Laurel Handrails are the rustic wood railing of choice for homeowners looking for a distinctive outdoor style. These railings are made with the top and bottom horizontal rails usually from cedar 2×4 lumber, but the balusters are sticks instead of milled wood. The sticks fastened together in random patterns so that no two are quite alike. Since each stick grows into a different shape, the handrail sections look is determined by the wood used in it.

lake deck railings

Deck Railings overlooking the Lake at Lissara

Rustic wood railing enhances the natural beauty of any scenic setting. Take a look at these pictures of rustic wood railing on a deck overlooking the lake. This is a unique railing design where the woven branch sections appear to be picture framed in between each individual post. The empty space on either side is much like the importance of a musical pause; the empty space often is what defines the boundaries of the work. And in this case, the white space lets in more of the natural scenery and accents the fruits of human artisans!



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