Bench Deck Railing Plan

We recently built a hot tub deck around a very nice, 7′ square hot tub finished with 1″ tiles. It’s a beautiful tub and the homeowner wanted a nice space for relaxing around the tub and enjoying the mountain scenery. And for this, she needed integrated seating in the railing of the deck. After some searching online, I was unable to find a good plan with dimensions on how to build a bench deck railing. I was also unsatisfied with other built-in deck railing bench designs. So, being proficient in CAD, I decided I would draw up a bench deck railing plan… and here it is!

Bench Deck Railing Plan

Bench Deck Railing Plan

This design can be modified in many ways but at least here you have all the measurements ready. First, cut a pattern and test it to make sure that it fits your deck and that the angle of the recline and the size of the back and seat are agreeable. Once you’re comfortable with your template, start cutting!

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Updated on March 2, 2014 by jimmypader

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One Response to Bench Deck Railing Plan

  1. Leroy Tuttle says:

    How do you modify this at the corners of the deck. Would you possibly have a plan for that, I am a amateur /home owner so plans are great and saves a lot of errors thanks for the plan.