Deck Handrail

Custom Deck Handrail

Custom Deck Handrail

Whether you’re designing a deck for your home or you’ve moved into a home with a deck, you want to make sure it looks good and fits your style. All decks are outdoors, so your deck should fit the outdoor feeling it’s already in. For beautiful, unique, natural deck handrails, look to Mountain Laurel Handrails. Each of these handrails are made to your deck’s specifications and bring the beauty of the nature beyond right onto your deck.

Picture enjoying your morning coffee out on the deck, gazing out at the scenic beauty surrounding your home. Now imagine taking in the view through a deck handrail that blends into the scenery and compliments the view instead of getting in the way.

Deck handrails are not only great for updating the general appearance of your deck. They’re necessary often for ensuring safety for children and pets, especially if your deck isn’t at ground level. What better a way to take those safety measures than with these beautiful wooden deck handrails?

Mountain Deck Handrail

Mountain Deck Handrail

One homeowner, after having a beautiful deck handrail installed on his home in the North Georgia Mountains emailed pictures and said:

As you may be able to tell from the pictures, the railings have been up for several weeks; I am just now getting around to send you the pictures I promised. As I hope you can tell, the project turned out very well, and we are delighted with the railings. — Regis

Handrail Corner Post

Handrail Corner Post

This deck handrail was installed on a home in the North Georgia Mountains. Mountain Laurel Handrails are a perfect match for the beautiful mountain scenery.The windy wood in the handrails almost perfectly matches the windy wood of the trees just behind it. A metal or plastic handrail on this deck would feel industrial and out of place, but these intricate wooden handrail provides the perfect barrier between the home and the mountains beyond.

Deck Handrails with Branch Balusters

Deck Handrails with Branch Balusters

These sturdy handrails allow you to get as close to nature as possible, while still staying safely on your deck. What could be better than enjoying your morning coffee to this beautiful view? Even looking out your window to your deck allows you to see only nature, thanks to these natural deck handrails.

These wooden deck handrails are often applied to outdoor spaces, and aren’t confined to being used on decks alone. They spruce up a covered porch, or timber frame and add a rustic touch to the deck design. The natural red color can be preserved with a penetrating stain or the handrails can weather to a distinct silvery tone.

Mountain Laurel deck handrails are works of art. The handrails are handmade with sticks and branches, each one with its own unique bends and curves, artfully woven together and attached to two-by-fours of red cedar on top and bottom. The end result is one-of-a-kind custom railing with a rustic, almost otherworldly quality.

Just take a look at our deck handrails installed at this home in the mountains of North Georgia. Against such a breathtaking mountain view, you can almost imagine that you’ve been whisked away to your own private retreat.

Deck Handrail

Deck Handrail

One of the beauties of Mountain Laurel Handrails is that the appearance of your deck handrail changes with the sun at different times of day. In photos above, you could see the sun on the deck, but with the deck in shadow in this picture, you can see the beauty of the intricate woodwork against the bright background of the mountains. You’ll love watching the shadows on the ground change as the sun moves through the handrails throughout the day!

The ideal handrail is one that serves as a protective border but at the same time it should be an extension of the property into nature. This may sound like a contradiction in terms but when done correctly it is a powerful tool in creating a peaceful area where you can relax at home while enjoying the peace and tranquility of nature. It is the ideal way of allowing nature to flow into the living area.

Upgrade an existing deck with the addition of natural handrails, and provide a subtle change that provides a different feel than traditional handrails. Made form real wood and branches, they can be painted or stained to compliment whatever colors your desire. Add some trendy deck furniture and relax in style. No two railings are the same, as each features an intricate web of twined branches that twist and turn in beautiful designs that can update and make your deck shine.

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