Vermont Timber Frame Deck Railing

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You bought a beautiful new home. Your home has a beautiful deck overlooking the forest, with stairs that lead down into the spacious backyard. You filled the house with all of your favorite things. You’re really excited! Why do you feel like your house is missing something?

Vermont Timber Frame Deck Railing

Vermont Timber Frame Deck Railing

Your house and everything in it is an extension of who you are. This is why most people keep their homes clean and free of clutter. This is why they take months to pick out the perfect couch and the perfect lamp with a color of lampshade that offers a nice contrast to the color of the accent wall. And we have to make sure the furniture is arranged Feng Shui to offer the most peaceful and lease chaotic atmosphere in the house.

What kind of railings are on the deck? Is the deck or the railings made out of Vermont timber? Were they hand carved by a Master Carpenter? They should be. James Pader of Mountain Laurel Handrails has been hand-crafting wooden railings for decks, balconies, and stairs for the last ten years.

Branch Banister, Log Newel Post and Handrail

Branch Banister, Log Newel Post and Handrail

One man has made it his mission to bring artistic expression in homes to a new level with his Vermont timber frame designs. Instead of just a plain set of wood railings for your stairs, why not have James hand carve designs into the sturdy and sweet smelling wood to give your home an extra feeling of wow. Your family and friends will be amazed by the simple beauty of your balcony.

James offers photos of completed work along with suggestions for simple renovations on his website In addition, you will also find a personal bio with James’s mission statement showing how he feels about his work, as well as a special section for potential customers to send him messages and ask him questions about what kind of work he does and what they would like done to their homes.

Branch Railing for Stairs

Branch Railing for Stairs

An outdoor deck isn’t just a few board stuck together to give you the added 2 feet of observation height; it’s a place for you, your family and your friends can all enjoy the brilliance of the outdoors with an added sense of comfort and solitude. We know how to build a sturdy, reliable outdoor deck that will last for years. No deck, however, would be complete without an ornate railing to fit the local landscape.

Your guests will be amazed at just how intricate the designs for your brand-new Vermont timber railing look when matched up against the beautiful wilderness of the surrounding area. The Vermont timber design incorporates the aesthetics of wild tree branches strewn together without any constraint to a specific pattern to create a look that is natural and rugged. The branches were shaved of their bark and placed close together either vertically or at an angle, creating a design that is every bit as practical for the purpose it serves as it is beautiful to look at. For the perfect combination of durability and rugged aesthetics, go for the Vermont timber frame deck railing for your outdoor deck.

Of course, you don’t have to restrict yourself to outdoor decks when with Vermont timber railing. The design also works very well in many indoor places such as staircase railings and room dividers. Pretty much anywhere in your house where you would like to make a bold, outdoor enthusiast statement that incorporates all the charms of living in a cabin or lodge, you can use the Vermont timber railing design with outstanding results.

Vermont Deck Railing

Vermont Deck Railing

We use only the highest quality Vermont timber to build our rails and decks. Every piece of lumber in the rail frame is precisely measured and cut after it is treated with a basic fire retardant. With expert carpenters like ours on your side, any deck upgrade you are looking to make is a snap. The craftsmanship on every part of the decks that we build, from the foundation to the steps and expert crafted Vermont railing, has an unparalleled level of attention to detail as well as the strength to hold up for as long as any other part of your house.

Vermont Porch Railing

Vermont Porch Railing

Another plus is that Mountain Laurel Handrails ships all over the United States. The railings come in three separate sections which are easy to assemble upon delivery. Some people order home furnishings based on price and convenience. Some people order home furnishings based on their beauty and quality, home furnishings that will set on lookers slack jawed with appreciation.

Appreciation is the key. Beatiful hand crafted wooden railings, accessories that will accentuate your already amazing home. Mountain Laurel Handrails also gives every home that country feeling that only real wood brings to the table. Sturdy, beautiful and sweet smelling. What more could you ask for?

Mountain Laurel Handrails is where you want to go to add an element of rustic class to your home. Then, just make yourself a glass of iced tea and sit out on your deck and look out at the world beyond your amazing new hand crafted artistic railings. It’s only a matter of time before all of your neighbors are going to want to know where you got them.

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5 Responses to Vermont Timber Frame Deck Railing

  1. Darla kitchen says:

    I would like more info on front steps railing for log cabin

  2. Sarah says:

    Beautiful work!!

  3. Olga Lampkin says:

    wow… those look great!! nice work

  4. Greg rickett says:

    I’m looking for a price 5 section 48 inches or less for a deck

  5. Ruth Rajasaari says:

    We live in Greensburg, Kentucky. I had spoken with you over a year ago regarding railings for my cabin. Please describe as to how I should measure the deck for an approximate measurement. The cabin is 1000 sq. feet and the surrounding deck area (L-shaped) is 900 sq. feet. There are 10 cedar posts that the railing would go between. Thanks.