Interior Wood Railing

Small Railing Projects with a Big Impact

Although it’s a relatively small project, adding a new or updating an interior railing makes a big impact on your home’s appearance. After all, your staircase and balcony are typically the first things visitors see when they walk into your home. Additionally, Mountain Laurel railings offer a bigger benefit by inspiring designers and homeowners to broaden their creativity with the artful beauty of branches.

Let’s take a look at a few small projects with a big impact involving stair and balcony interior wood railing.

Each features a simple and straight interior stairway with a balcony that takes advantage of the natural beauty of branch balusters. While each home displays its own unique twist on a cabin, country or beach-style interior, the use of wooden rails and branching infill fits beautifully with each design style, ranging from rustic to contemporary.

Interior Wood Railing for Stairs

Interior Wood Railing for Stairs

Pictured above, a cabin-style home gets a new staircase with chunky timber steps made to match a bevy of hefty log beams. What better way to complete this uniquely rustic look than filling these rails with bark covered branches.

Interior Wood Stair Railing

Interior Wood Stair Railing

In contrast to the small railing projects shown in the first pictures, the one above displays a more finished appearance to suit a contemporary-style interior. To create this look the railing is installed using a method that hides the triangular gap typically seen when the railing is set in line with the stair stringer.

Interior Wood Railing

Interior Wood Railings


We love our railing and have gotten many compliments on it. Thank you for helping us add the final touch to our dream home.

John and Heather

Pine Wood Cabin Railing

Pine Wood Cabin Railing

Here’s another gorgeous view of a pair of clean and simple rails framing Mountain Laurel branches, while the shimmering light in the background highlights their sinous shapes. Although the balustrade only contains two sections, it is a focal feature of the room.

Balcony Railing Lighted

Balcony Railing Lighted

From an interior design viewpoint, few architectural items standout like an extraordinary staircase and balcony. If you’re looking into small railing projects that make a big impact on your home’s appearance, consider Mountain Laurel Railing.

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Extra Tall is Extra Awesome!

tall railing

Tall Railing

These two wood railing sections are extra tall at five feet just for the railing. That puts the top of the railing at almost six feet. Just another demonstration of how versatile and inventive Mountain Laurel Handrail can be. The design of any project is crucial and, on this project, Wood Railing, the contractor and the homeowner worked closely together to ensure the best possible finished product. And as you can see, it turned out wonderfully!

tall railing screen

Tall Handrail

Like all Mountain Laurel Handrails, this was custom made to the owner’s specifications. The homeowner was looking for a special design element to add to her New Hampshire ski home and this was just the ticket! These tall sections are five feet tall and will be installed inside on a loft balcony. For extra added safety, the homeowner will install a piece of plexiglass on the face of the railings. Normally, laurel branches stick out from either side of the handrail but in this case, the branches were left flush or set in from the front of the railing so that the polycarbonate plexiglass can be installed easily.

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  1. Curtis Lloyd says:

    I see you posting mostly real wood railings. I saw on Pintrest you posted a Metal Branch and Pine Cone Baluster. Can you make these panels or sub them out?

  2. Olga says:

    Nature enhances all surroundings.