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Best Curved Railing

Lissara Lodge Railings

These railing pictures come from the Lissara Lodge near Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The lodge is the main gathering place for the community here. Overlooking the lake, the deck railing here makes for some great images. It’s also a great place to relax and there are many parties held here.

Mountain Laurel Handrail Pictures

These pictures are from another installation in North Carolina and is another deck that is good for parties but also has a porch which is nice and cozy. Looking through the porch railing, you can see and sometimes hear the creek in the woods below.

Curved Balcony Railing

Here are some more pictures of curved wood handrails but these are of an interior railing installed near Atlanta, Georgia. This is a very special location to the homeowner as there is some family history with the location and the builder. The image through the balcony handrail towards the outside and the lake beyond is a great one.

Log Railing Pictures

The log cabin is an american icon representing our heritage of freedom. These wood handrail pictures show mountain laurel screening set between twisted locust rails. These wood handrail pictures illustrate the many ways laurel can be used to set the style for the rest of the home. The screen complements the locust curves but offers contrasting colors that are completely natural.

Grand Stair Railing

Elegance. This gallery of stair handrail pictures finds mountain laurel in a more formal setting. The laurel screening in the wood handrail pictures exude both movement and strength. Hard angles, straight milled lumber, and tongue and groove walls are relieved by the fluidity of the laurel screens. You might expect to find this home in a gallery of wrought iron railing pictures. As these these stair railing photos prove, the laurel screens are an artful touch that bring an air of class to the finest homes.

Texas Lake House Railing Installation Pictures

Mountain laurel finds a home on the range in our gallery of railing pictures from the most beautiful lakehouse in Texas. Check out the stair handrail pictures! The stairs are at an angle but the railing was requested to fit tightly to the treads. The handrails are built to spec at our shop to fit your home! In the handrail pictures you can see that there is a nifty deck access under the benches. These railing images also include a few shots during the installation of a very complex project. Each handrail has enough length for the installers to make a perfect fit to imperfect posts.

Painted Branch Railing

Sometimes even we are surprised by the versatility of laurel. The beauty of this natural product captures the eye without it’s red skin contrasting the color scheme. You expect to see painted railings in metal handrail pictures or wrought iron railing pictures but painted laurel screens show another dimension of this great product in this gallery of porch railing pictures featured here. Mountain laurel is a very low maintenance product and has a long lifespan. The twisting curving branches in the laurel screen seem to be an extension of the building and the color really ties all the pieces together.

Interior Railing

The modern home in these handrail photos shows how mountain laurel can make a beautiful statement. The stair handrail pictures take the eye from the first floor all the way to the vaulted tongue and groove ceiling. The mountain laurel screens allow the wonderful mountain views to permeate the loft. Being able to see through the screen is a benefit you will notice in our porch railing pictures. The natural flow of the laurel belies it’s true strength. These rails are strong and will be a fixture in this house for decades.

Stair Railing

Mountain Laurel Handrail designs fit seamlessly in any place in your home. Here, we can see the where beauty and safety come together to create stair railings. These railings don’t only protect from dangerous accidents in the home; they look great as well! These amazing stair railings, custom designed to fit your home, add a creative and unique touch to any set of stairs.

Handrail System

This is the way the handrail system looks when they arrive at your door. Each individual section is built to your measurements, allowing for installation to be quick and easy. The sticks and twigs flow nicely with the shape of the handrails, whether they be straight or at an angle for stairs.

Mountain Laurel Furniture Pictures

What better a way to create a cohesive theme in your home than with Mountain Laurel furniture? All the pieces can be custom ordered just for your home. While tables are a very popular item, we also make headboards for your bedroom and door pulls for cabinets, doors, and closets in your home. The tables are also made in a variety of patterns and shapes, but they all have that unique Mountain Laurel charm.

Pergola Deck Railings

Everyone loves to relax on an exterior deck when the summer months come on. This deck with a pergola and lovely furniture arrangement is made even more inviting by the Mountain Laurel Handrails. Blending the boundary between the deck and the woods beyond, these handrails are a unique design element.

Mountain Laurel Railing with Custom Banister

Mountain Laurel Handrails provides the best railings in easy to install sections, delivered nationwide. As these pictures show, building custom railing and wood banisters into works of art is a feat regularly performed by our master carpenters.

Porch Railing Pictures

These images show the first project that Wood Railing sent nationally. These Mountain Laurel Handrails were shipped from our home in North Carolina cross-country to Washington state. This timber-framed porch is completed with the old-timey rocking chairs and fern arrangement.

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  1. Susan Scerbo says:

    I love your painted branch railing for an interior application in our new lake home.
    The measurements are approximately post to post 120″ 48″ and 31″ horizontal. These are for stairway opening. At the bottom of stairs is a 36″ angled for 3 steps.

    Please let me know what the timing would be.

  2. cal hardin says:

    I’m interested in your sun burst entry gate, I could not find it on your products page.

  3. Heather says:

    Does your railing meet commercial code? Thanks!

  4. Thomas Sidebottom says:

    no pics from Hawaii yet

  5. Bahati Best says:

    I am curious about your railing. I’d like to see more pictures and if there are any more examples.

  6. David Hall says:

    Please quote your branch railing. we have 27 ft of loft railing. Roscommon, MI 48653.

    Thank You.
    Dave Hall

  7. Matt Adams says:

    Do you make rocking chairs with Mountain laurel?

  8. Debbie says:

    We are looking for a quote but we are unsure how to measure some areas. We have pictures to share for some direction. Please let me know where to send these pictures. We are locates in Blue Ridge Ga

  9. Ivy Ledbetter says:

    Hi I need 2 tree branch handrails. They are 26″ long.
    I live in Farmington Nm 87402.

  10. Linda says:

    Please send me a estimate of cost for the following”
    Mountain Laurel railing interior.
    1- 12′ long
    1-46″ long
    height 36″
    Also please advice how long you need to build and ship to LaValle, WI 53941

  11. Brian and Shaun Prince says:

    What is the pricing per foot or how is it sold? Shaun

  12. Amy Smith says:

    I would like some prices on railings. I’m not sure what you need but we would like them to be 30 inches tall and I would need enough to do 65 feet total. We have two decks that we need railings for.

  13. John says:

    Beautiful railings. I’ll keep these in mind on future homes we design.

  14. Ubaid says:


  15. Allen McGraw says:

    I like the porch rails and would like more information on where to get them.